**** WANTED- 10-20 Half Marathon Virgins To Help Raise Cash For Charity ****

 **** WANTED- 10-20 Half Marathon Virgins To Help Raise Cash For

Charity ****



I am looking for 10-20 people who want to run their FIRST or get a

PB for a half marathon.


Don’t let 2015 be another year you promise yourself you will do it

and put it off.

The event will be the Plymouth half marathon on April 19th.

Training will be commencing on January 25th and take you right to

the event (12 weeks)


It will be entirely online through a private group so you don’t

have to attend any live sessions.


I will be personally sponsoring YOU for the coaching as I want to start

this year helping more people.




As you know there is very little fluff with what I do…for me

its about getting RESULTS and providing an EXPERIENCE.


If you are worried about your fitness levels now…..


You can either worry about them or you can do this programme

and be less worried come race day……


I want to raise cash for a charity that helps people and children

with spinal injuries have a better life…. like the one that you and I

are fortunate enough to have…


I want commitment from everyone who is in this….


After all I am giving up my time here to coach you, which I

have 100% no problem doing if you commit to this….


Hence why I am asking for a £50 donation to the charity to

secure your place on this programme.


I then ask that you aim to raise at least £50

more along your journey.


I always feel when people have more skin in the game they

get better results.


The programme will be delivered weekly from a private



There will be  “complete” or “compete” sessions within each week to

help you through this.




  1. Donate your initial £50 here………



(this will be the same place you will send

your friends and family over to as well)


  1. Secure your place at the Plymouth half marathon

here ASAP.




  1. Then just pop me a message to info@fa-fitness.co.uk

to let me know that you are all in.


  1. Wait to be accepted to the private coaching

group I have set up and start preparing for the race come 25th



That’s it I think  ……..


The next 12-15 weeks will pass regardless…..it is just how you

use them!


Matt 🙂


p.s. If the half marathon isn’t your thing let me know what you are going to sign up for to keep you accountable in 2015 🙂