Want A Challenge & Team Work Goal For 2015?

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What Next??

At some point trying to lose body fat can become boring?


Variety is KEY …. Thats why I love this……..


Now to save you time…….


This one is really for YOU if you haven’t decided on how to get out of your comfort zone and feel accomplished this year……


Oh and if you have already decided your challenge, this too might be right up your street……



IF YOU ——>>>


Love the outdoors

Need a CHALLENGE for 2015 ………

Like working as a team and the camaraderie that brings…..

Could do with a reason to train on those days when it would be easy to skive off

Are the sort of person, who when YOU say YOU are going to do something, YOU DO IT!  ( We will get on)



YOU WILL ——>>>


Need a sense of humour for this one though…….

Get wet, muddy and you will more than likely get stuck in the mud!

Get Stronger

Gain “Real and Raw” Fitness & Strength…..not the sort of stuff you use in the gym and then not again……because machines weren’t designed to help you move better……you wont see ANY of those here!

Flip Tyres, Crawl, Jump,Run (intervals), Throw Objects, Pull and Drag







The Training can be your challenge, but believe me the team environment on the BLAST MUDDERS programme will have you itching to do your first event with us.


We are hoping to get a team of 50 together to have a crack at Rock Solid on March 21st 2015……. thats just about 11 weeks to go. mudrun7dec




So we have the BLAST MUDDERS programme starting on January 21st 2015.

This is a 9 WEEK programme where we will meet as a TEAM on a wednesday at 7:10pm for an hour and get ourselves fit to tackle this obstacle challenge.

All of the locations are within 15 minutes drive of Launceston.

Obviously we give nutritional advice and practical advice to help you make the most of your programme.

A 9 week MUD RUN programme is provided as well.

This programme has been growing in its popularity over the last 18 months and we have coached 50+ people on the programme, some just cant get enough and keep coming back for more.


****** So we have 3 SPACES left until we are full on this one and we wont reopen the doors until the end of March!! To get your place click HERE to make your investment …its a mere £90 (£10 per week)….. *******


PLEASE —- >>>

Act quickly though as I am going to send this to lots of my readers and normally this programme sells out within two days of an email.

And hey if this isn’t your challenge be sure to let me know what you want to do this year……I love hearing about cool things from people who make the most of their time!


Catch you soon Matt 😉


p.s. if you need more information just head to http://www.blastfitnesscamps.co.uk and enter your details in the GREEN box and I will call you back for a free strategy call.