Vlad Loses 23kg (50lbs) & 34cm from his waist (14 inches)!!

Vlad Loses 23kg (50lbs) & 34cm from his waist (14 inches)!!

Vlad shared with us tonight his journey since June on how he lost 50lbs (23kg) and 14 inches (34cm) from his waist. Not only that now how he finds breathing a lot easier (pretty important), his legs don’t hurt when he goes for a walk.

If you follow some of my posts you may remember Vlad who started with us back just after the first lockdown ended and we could work outside again……….just incase….we started back in June outside…This part of this chapter is now coming to an end….We have loved having Vlad coming to work with us at the studio.

He is now 22Kg (50lbs/ 3.5 stone) lighter and has lost 14 inches (34cm) from his waist!

When he came to us, he wanted results, it was far from easy for Vlad in the early months, but we monitored not only his inch loss but his fitness improvements and work capacity to help show him how much he was improving.

Whilst his time with us here at the studio is coming to an end as her pursues a career elsewhere in the country, he is just at the beginning of his journey.

I just wanted to say a massive well done to you Vlad on your effort mate!

Sorry for the pain we put you through but hopefully it’s worth it mate


That kettlebell and weight at the front of the picture is the equivalent weight he has lost!