Too Late…We Are Closed..

Too Late…We Are Closed..


Pretty hard hitting words right?


“No more room at the inn”, said the inn keeper to Joseph,


No more people on board…


So I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and run my own business for 8.5 of that I’ve kind of got the inside scoop on all of the trends.


It goes like this…


January comes with a MAD RUSH to get fit and lose weight

because everybody has over-indulged at xmas. You knew that too…you don’t need to be a coach to realise that.


Everyone wants to get fit


Everyone wants to hit that New Year resolution target early.


The problem is… my guaranteed programme is capped on members!


You see we are busy all year round. In fact, December this year was the busiest month all year, because our members realize that fitness isn’t just reserved for January.


Right now (December 21st) I ONLY have room for 7 more people on our Blast Fitness Camps programme then that’s it… It’s full again.


Then, you’ll be hearing these horrible “we’re full” words.


SO, I want to give you the chance to get in there early,

beat the rush, secure yourself a spot on my guaranteed results programme

early doors before the spots get taken in the January rush.




Just incase you aren’t aware of what Blast Fitness Camps offers >>


It’ll involve


Absolutely losing a clothes size  (100% with a guaranteed no questions asked money back guarantee if you don’t)


– 3 x per week motivational group PT sessions

– a step by step easy to follow nutrition plan

– a fully fledged member of our group and online private Facebook group

– 24/7 access to me if you have a question or need extra help

– (stuff it) if you get to ALL of the sessions each week (only 3 x 40 mins) ill even through in a FREE t-shirt for you


If you want in on this you have to APPLY for a spot, so we know you’re serious


You basically click the link at the bottom of this email


It takes you to an online application form,


It takes 60 seconds to fill in,


We’ll call you up as soon as possible to get you on board.


Sound good?


Apply Here



Hope to meet you soon,


Matt 🙂


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