The Next Blast Boxing Workshops: Now Open


So after the success of the first Blast Boxing workshops we are ready to open the doors for the second round (excuse the pun)….

Incase you didn’t know about the first of the  workshops we held this is how it works.


Boxing Skills and Fitness Workshop.


Session A will be Running on Tuesday 9th of February at 7pm or  Wednesday 10th at 7:10am,

Session B will be running on Thursday the 11th at 7pm or Friday 12th February at 7:10 am.


PLEASE NOTE: You just chose one of the session A’s and one of the session B’s to attend.


This is a brilliantly fun and effective way top train and learn something new.


Maybe it is your first time to don the gloves? Maybe you’ve done this before and want a refresher as well as picking up some new skills?


Learn the basics of stance, movement, defence and punches so you are sufficiently up skilled to hit that bag instead of looking like you’re giving it a high five!


The 1st session is a fast track foundation session the 2nd session will be further skills followed by putting into practice and boxing conditioning.


Learn to punch correctly from the ground up as well as important movement and defence.


Boxing is still the long-standing sport that has the perfect cross over into the fitness word. Co-ordination, some high intensity cardio and lots of fun!


Working your body rotationally is also functional in many different ways and can help with injury prevention as your body learns to control and resist unwanted movements.


Danny would like to limit the  to 6 people per session as he wants to make sure you get the best experience, so be quick to book your place!


To book, just email me ( and I will pass this on to Danny to confirm slots, venue etc 🙂


This will be the perfect taster for the new blast boxing camps coming in 2016.


Gloves are provided but please bring your own of you have them.


Be great to see you there and taking the opportunity to learn from Danny who has so much experience and knowledge in his field.


Remember…..keep moving forwards…broaden your skills….and really importantly have fun getting better



p.s. Danny shot this video from Namibia to explain some finer details in his slightly Namibian accent.


Circle pad work
Learning the footwork for boxing