I hope you are very well. I just wanted to let you know about something that I have started up, that will officially launch in January, but I have decided to get the ball rolling now.
For those of you have only known me for less than 2 years or didn’t come to my first ever live seminar in Launceston back in January 2011 you won’t know about one of my missions.
I told everyone there that night (92 people) that I was going to serve more people in my community and serve those people better. Little did I know that my community would spread to Hong Kong, New Zealand , Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, Finland and America.
But seriously, I want to help those people who live close to me understand that health is not something reserved for everyone else.
So with this I have decided to start the Get Cornwall Healthy Initiative. This was born about though the work I did recently with Pirate FM in our Little Black Dress Challenge. We had some phenomenal results with people from all over Cornwall absolutely loving the nutrition and exercise plan I devised for them. Some losing up to 5.5 Inches off the waist and dropping 2 dress sizes in the process. But what you can’t measure is the impact this will have on the families of these people and potentially their friends.
I am going to produce a newsletter like the one below and I will be sending them out each month in 2013 to help spread the message.



If you like the newsletter , please feel free to post up in your office , staff room, print for your customers to read whilst they wait, put up at your children’s school, post up on Facebook or twitter.
You name it, I am happy for you to share it wherever.
If you know of anyone who would like to receive this monthly newsletter then please feel free to send them to this website where they can register to receive the information.
Ok that’s it for now, don’t forget to open the attachment (it has the December Newsletter within it) and let me know your thoughts.
My Best,

Founder of The Get Cornwall Healthy Initiative

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