The A-Z January Mess

In case you missed it……

You should know how I feel about the whole New Year, New You BS!

Sure I get that people don’t think about their nutrition and health
as much around Christmas time and everyone relaxes a bit!


The people who GET IT are the ones that don’t get overwhelmed by
the fact that Christmas is coming and they limit the damage. They
still stay active and they don’t think ah I will undo ALL of this
come February!

They are already on it!

I will be giving all of my current clients a little hand-out that I
have made for them with 5 simple steps to reduce the damage over
the silly season.

These people know that it’s a lifestyle they are involved in, not a
quick fix so they can go back to wearing the clothes that made them
feel uncomfortable.

—- You are not stupid——

I could have written an article ” the first 5 things you need to do
in the New Year”. ( I will remind you just in case though)

But you know that….what you NEED however is accountability….some
call it support, others call it a kick up the arse….what ever works
for you!

—- Just wait and see—–

I bet you know someone, who will in January:

– See a DVD of a fitness celebrity

– Buy a magazine which has a programme of an A Lister

– Pick up a newspaper article that says about the new all singing
all dancing diet

– Watch YouTube clips of random exercise sessions from a programme
that they shouldn’t be doing.

—-They then think that those four represent ‘Z’—-

I want to be like her, I want abs like him, I want to wear shorts
like her…..

That’s cool, but what they don’t realise is that actually Z is a
long way away.

And as I said earlier in the week , they don’t even know how to get
to B let alone Z.

This is where people get disillusioned.

It happened in 2013, it happened before that and it will happen in

It’s a shame, because I pick up the phone to these people and the
same stories come up again and again.

They get lured in by the £3.99 per week membership, but they have
NO SUPPORT SYSTEM to help them get from A to B let alone Z!

—- The Five Things You Need To Do—–

I told you that you already know them

1. work out what makes you happy….yep you, not anyone else. Be
selfish here, not what makes anyone else happy, what makes YOU

Write down


then complete as many of these
as you can.

2. Figure out what things might act as BARRIERS to you getting
there. I talk about these as Brakes in my strategy calls with

3. Think about what the five best things and the five most
stressful things are in your life and what you can do to reduce
stress and increase the number of times you are exposed to the best

4. Work out who/ what holds you back…….identify them/it and aim to
remove or reduce the impact it has on you. Actually write down the
things you will do to do this.

5. Accept that your success after doing these will either inspire
or P*ss others off. Simple.

I reckon I do this every time I write something and I don’t mind!

Because to the people that I can help I will rocket launch them to
where they want to be.

The others….its absolutely NOT that I don’t care about them….its
just that maybe we aren’t meant to work together and I would
happily help them find another option.

It will be the same for you.

Some of your friends will be inspired by YOU and others will hate
or be jealous of your success……and when they see you getting what
you want they will feel threatened.

That is why I think SOME (not all) relationship partners get a it
jealous when the other one gets fit, takes action and does
something productive.

It comes back to that threat that I mentioned earlier in the week.

I have a cool idea that I want to share with you later in the week,
so keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile, be you!

My Best

Matt ‘avoiding the mess in Jan’ Luxton

p.s. If you want to have a strategy call with me to discuss your
plan to get to your Z please email me ( and