Swimming Pool Open in Lifton & Recent Swim Analysis Feedback

The Endless Pool Facility Has Been Flying Since Re-Opening Post COVID-19

Since the opening of the facility we have seen a wide range of users taking advantage of our Endless Pool ‘Elite’.
Although the pool has ‘Elite’ in its name, we want to assure everyone that this pool is PERFECT for all abilities.⠀⠀
The beauty of the endless pool is that you can adjust the speed at which you wish to swim at, ranging from complete novice, LEARNING to swim, all the way through to being able to swim at a 54 seconds / 100m pace.⠀⠀
Have YOU wanted to better your swimming ability but are anxious of a public pool environment? The pools unique depth allows you to practice your swimming technique, build up confidence, whilst always having the ability to simply stop and stand up.⠀⠀
We have also had a user who was had an operation on their hip over the last year, they have found the hydrotherapy to be HUGELY successful and helps avoid reliance on painkillers!⠀⠀
If you are interested in using the pool for whatever reason, please get in CONTACT!⠀⠀

Recent Feedback From Video Analysis Sessions From Two Of Our Guests

Fancy booking your own swim analysis session with us here at the Tamar Performance Centre? Or maybe you would like to come and swim in the pool and have it all to yourself for an hour?

You absolutely can just head to this website – http://www.tamarperformancecentre.com

If you have any questions please email mattluxtonpa@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you.


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