Struggling for last 3 months …

The last 3 months have been a struggle…..

The hardest thing about putting yourself out there in a positive way and trying your best to motivate others is that everyone always assumes things must be ‘good’ for you all of the time…….

It is not the case!

Let’s put this in perspective though…..I haven’t had my  house flooded and all my livestock washed away…..I feel for those families!


This weekend finally was a break through……..nope not the weather!

Although if  you read this living in the UK ….it was a big deal! (well kind of)


For 3 months now, I have been putting in some hard yards for my

Ironman adventures this May and June……. I want to do well in these,

I actually want to qualify for the world championships in my age

group in the second event.


It has been tough, there have been days where I could easily have

had an extra hour in bed, when I have had assignments to do,

work stuff……….but those hills will not be flat come

race day! There is only one person who can make it happen!

There have been days when I have not done exactly as I planned,

days when I felt like I was  cycling through treacle and times when the

25m pool felt like 50!


I felt like I was failing at times to be honest.


If you are like me,  motivation for my goals waivers throughout the

week from time to time. The thing that keeps me on track is the end result.


“Motivation” goes up and down but if you’re “committed”, you will grind

that out no matter what.


That’s the difference between motivation and commitment.


Commitment is more in line with inspiration. Inspiration comes from

within! Motivation is normally to do with an extrinsic factor, like

money, prizes , rewards etc!


If you want to get in great shape….the only person who will make

this happen is YOU!


That’s why when people say , ah Matt you did really well with X, I

say ” well I showed them how, but they did it” ………….


A bit like Lin, who started working with me at the studio with her

son 5 weeks ago…..31 inches in 5 weeks, yep 7.5 off the waist. 

She was terrified of coming to meet me, now within 5 weeks she is happy

to have others working in the studio at the same time as her!


If you want to stay healthy for your kids, be fit enough to keep up

with them…it’s down to you to look after yourself.


If you want to look great on holiday this year, feel great and have

more confidence……it is down to you to take action!




You don’t have to do it alone…..


You can do one of the following , or all 3 of them:


1. Find friend who wants to buddy up with you….it has helped me.

2. Watch this 5 part video series I put together about how we get

results. This has helped a lot of people.

3. Feel free to pop your details in the green box on this page and I

will call you to discuss how we can help you. It is always nice to

actually talk to someone and get clear with what can be done.


So, there you have it…..success wont always follow a straight line,

in fact it rarely does, so embrace the days when its not all going

to plan and just know that you will succeed in the end!


Matt “not all plain sailing” Luxton