Quick Results Update For Wednesday – 5.25 inches off the waist & 25 lbs lost!

Blast Fitness Camps – Men’s Health & Fitness Kickstart….

2 months ago…… this gentleman made a DECISION >>

A decision that things ARE GOING TO CHANGE >>

Today was not a BEFORE & AFTER it was a BEFORE & NOW, and here is what we found…..

1. 5.25 inches off the waist
2. 4 inches off the hips
3. 25lbs lost (86Kg/ 13 stone 8lbs down to 75Kg/11 stone 11lbs)

What you don’t see here is HOW MUCH BETTER he feels, how much more he feels capable of and just how much better he moves and the IMPACT that will have on his ability moving forwards in his fitness journey.

Now we move on…..let’s see what is now possible with this HUGE POTENTIAL!


The Creation Of A Thousand Forests Is In One Acorn – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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