Obesity & Risk Of COVID 19 fatalities

This post was inspired by a week of my thoughts being aired by a colleague in the fitness and health profession posting his views – Thanks Carl.


So…..Covid 19 and obesity.


Now I am not into sharing here say….. The basis of this blog post is from scientific research…. (Just so we are straight here)….


Now I’m not going off on one about how seemingly silly it will be if pubs open before gyms in this country, but surely, SURELY this topic needs to be addressed pretty sharpish.


I actually wrote two emails last week to two MP’s….. earlier in the week I had a really good chat with a member of Public Health England about some ideas I had and her thoughts which was really reassuring to feel like some level of sense does exist in our society.


With new stats out yesterday it was revealed that you are 37 percent more likely to die if you contract Covid 19 as a result of being obese.


This is a scary stat.


You can also put two and two together.


Being overweight to obese puts you in the risk categories for most of the underlying health conditions that you need to look out for.


That’s a mixing pot of underlying health conditions right there.


With a 67% of men and 60% of women in the uk population being overweight or obese.


We need to continue some of the great work that is being done……


Do you know what can turn these stats around?


1. Exercise, even a simple walk helps regulate blood sugar levels.


Do you know what else can help?


2. Nutrition….. (sorry I know it is obvious)


I’m a great believer in exercise and food starting point for someone’s health and well-being.  Obviously biased, but I have seen it many times in my 10+ years of changing peoples lives!



3.  Being accountable and being guided (coaching).


Yes…. how have we got more knowledge than ever, more access to facilities, more methods of communication yet we are in a very poor health situation?


It is my belief that there is not enough real coaching going on…..


Whilst opening pubs and fast food might do wonders for the economy, it’s certainly not going to do wonders for the nations health and waistlines.


I actually cannot believe that fast food chains are open before health food shops with people queuing to buy it…… when we know it negatively affects health….


I’m all for people being able to make their own choices…… 100% and in fact I really don’t attribute any blame on them….. we need to educate them and show them a better way of living.


One that fills them with a sense of self pride and energy levels that drive them to want more of the healthy lifestyle …… achieving things they never thought were possible.


To be clear….


And I’m certainly not calling any particular section of our population out…….


BUT what about those who actually value their health and use exercise as a way of dealing with stress, improving their mobility, meeting with friends and socialising, achieving goals, providing positive role models for future generations need to be able to express this right safely and responsibly as well…….


However, if a global pandemic can’t make us see straight, will anything?


Just my musings today…..


​​​​​​​Matt 🙂


p.s. the files I used to help form the evidence in this  blog post



https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.23.20076042v1.full.pdf (not yet peer reviewed)