My Grandma’s – ‘Hinge & Bracket’ – Improve Your Movement {videos}

The Hinge and The Bracket – Improve Your Movement , Reduce Pain and Feel Better


YEP, THE TWO TO MY LEFT….. affectionately known as “hinge and bracket”


When ever I say those two words together I have a little childish chuckle!


My sister refers to our two grandma’s as “hinge ‘n’ bracket”…… they kinda come together!


So on to the real hinge and bracket!


Being stiff and immobile is a pain I the bum…..literally for some.


No one I know doesn’t want to move better, have less pain (if they are in any) and generally  feel better when they get out of bed.


It is something we help people with everyday!


I am not suggesting that what we do fixes everyone completely, that is why I have formed links with other professionals, so that when I cant completely solve it I refer out.





Mobility appears to be an increasing problem and this is what I see most.


–       people who sit at desks or drive for their jobs

–       people who lean over benches or treatment tables

–       gardening enthusiasts

–       people who ride horses

–       people who don’t train


Yep the last one is key. Imagine the door hinge and bracket that don’t get used, they get rusty, stiff and immobile……..peoples shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are no different.




One common misconception is that strength training will inhibit range of movement…….


Sure if you don’t stretch, if you only train through partial ranges of movement and you isolate muscle groups with out training the opposite muscle group.





You must strength train if you want to move better.


Without getting to geeky…….


IF ….You improve the strength of the legs and hips…namely the glutes (bum) you will squat lower , you will improve your range of movement and reduce your injury risk.





Ok, so here are two very simple videos that will go a long way in helping you.


** The first is concerned with the hips…this is  where ‘most’ people need help!

** The second is a routine that addresses mobility of the shoulder, hip and knee.



NOTE: these exercises will not get you super strong, nor will they improve you sprint time alone!

BUT ….. done consistently they will 100% help you move better, move away from pain and feel more energised.


They aren’t that exciting…. but HEY there are less points for making things exciting and funky than there are for results which is what I am all about!


Ok, so there you have it…….



Watch those videos, and then do it………….



Watch — >  learn —>  apply — > results…….. you  cant skip any of the steps 🙂



My Best


Matt 🙂



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