Matt’s 6 Week Online Weight Management Course

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A Little More On My 6 Week Weight Management Course

Ok so I have had over 25 applications for places on my 6 Week Weight Loss Management Course in the last 7 days.

It’s not for everyone though.

Here’s a little bit more of an insight into it.

Surely You Cant Be Looking For Another Diet???

Great Because This isn’t a DIET! This is a lifestyle change!

Starting a new diet sucks right?

You wake up Monday morning knowing that you are going to spend most of the day trying to avoid temptation, force yourself to do your gym gear after work and get a sweat with as much cardio as you can muster

Be honest with yourself, how many Doomsday Diets have you started?????

How many have you revisited in order to lose that stubborn stone that leaves your body only to find it’s way back again?

All that effort in the gym and eating boring salads for lunch just isn’t working anymore and you’re not really sure what to do now!

Well, what if I told you all that cardio you were doing was making you fatter and adding to those love handles?

Imagine if you could get great results with NO cardio?! Crazy really isn’t it!


Imagine if you had a step by step nutrition program that allowed you to eat curries (straight out of my curry cookbook), steaks and lots of your favourite food…even chocolate! (yep I have a recipe for a hot to trot brownie, I will send it out soon:0)

Imagine if you could manage your hormones effectively so you could put an end to those mood swings

Imagine NEVER having to start another diet (hate that word) again, EVER!

What would that REALLY mean to you? Freedom, right???

I’ve just put the finishing touches to my 6 week Weight Management Course and I’m very excited for those of you who have followed endless diets in the past!

My Weight Management Program is followed from your own home, with no cardio or gym required.

The Weight Management Program will help regulate your hormonal system for optimal fat loss results and improve your health

A 6 week Weight Management Program that gets delivered to you in 3 phases

Phase 1 is Preparation Week (Monday 29th October), this is where I will help you get prepared for the 6 week program. You will receive educational articles, meal plans, access to our online group and support from yours truly

Phase 2 is the Happy Hormones phase, it’s 100% nutrition based….NO exercise regime to follow at all, yup that’s right None, Zero, Zip, Zilch!!

This is the time to clean up your internal system and lessen stress on your body

Phase 3 is the Move Freely phase with a combination of nutrition and short, sharp exercise sessions (you will be required to do no more than 20 minutes at home 3 x times a week)

I have a 6 places left.

Why would you want to sign up before Friday 26th at 7pm?

You will save yourself £50 straight away (if I get 6 people it will be gone and the price increase will be irrelevant)

You will be more accountable

You will stay on track where previously you have slipped!

Your WILL power will be strong like never before!

So to apply just pop me an email ( or private message on facebook in less than 10 lines explaining why you think you should get one of the 6 places.

Oh…I’m so excited I forgot to say we start on Monday 29nd October so if you miss this intake you will have to wait until next year to lose that weight, feel great and look amazing.

Stop Dieting and Start Managing Your Weight….It Makes Sense!