💪The next Junior Strength Academy (JSA) is coming soon…..💪 (May 9th)

💪The next Junior Strength Academy (JSA) is coming soon…..💪



Planning started last week with Harry here at the studio putting in place our next programme….


A great story here in that Harry was actually part of this group 6 years ago when it started and now he will be coaching it…..


I started the JSA because I wanted to help these guys progress and develop physically in a “better” way than I was shown.


Initially aimed at those guys who were playing rugby I found that I was able to share with them experiences of being a young guy who wants to be more confident on and off the pitch.


I wanted to show them how to train in a way that improves performance and confidence and have that knowledge to take them forwards…….Train For GO Not For Show!


There are 4 Key Components to our JSA programme-


A Progressive Programme based around correct lifting technique and correct management of our own bodyweight… “if you cant put it down properly, dont pick it up!”

Proper recovery- How to look after themselves between sessions, what to do pre session/game and

Supportive Nutrition- education around the sorts of foods and drinks that help develop strong and injury free bodies!

Excellent (not necessarily perfect) lifestyle- making good choices when it comes to sleep, rest and social activities!


📌 We actually as part of the programme deliver a short presentation that covers aspects of this and more to help improve the LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING……because we know that KNOWLEDGE precedes CHANGE!


❗️This programme will begin on the week commencing May 9th and will consist of 12 x 1 hour sessions at my studio in Lifton (Matt Luxton Health and Fitness).

❗️This programme has worked really well for guys between 12 and 16 years. There will be a maximum of 10 in the group.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to pop them below and Harry or I will reply to you.


Excited to get this programme started!



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