Jo Pavey, Dates and My Desk

Did you watch the Sports Personality of the year show last week?


It doesn’t matter if you did or not…..but you will have more than likely seen that Jo Pavey, a 41 year old mum from Exeter got 3rd place. She also won European gold and a bronze at this years commonwealth games.


What’s remarkable about this lady is just how she has done this after having children at 35 years old.


Just goes to show, if she can achieve this, it is never too late to improve your fitness and take on new challenges.


She set herself a target, she had a date and she smashed it! She had a good team around her and she had support.


A bit like what we try to set up fro our clients…..


I actually I had a few dates with clients earlier this week


No….. Dating clients……….not what you might think…

I had a few “desk dates” with clients to see how they are doing, assess their progress and make sure we are both singing from the same hymn sheet.


One of which was Mark, he has been on fire in his training this year….some of our clients who train alongside him actually talk about how hard he works and how he inspires them in their sessions.


He inspires me, one of the most humble and dedicated people I have ever worked with…….


Slide2 Slide3


How has been so successful…….



  1. He listens but doesn’t pay attention to everyone…as Mark and I were discussing yesterday, its ok to listen to people, but seek your advice from worthy sources. If you get too much advice you just become aware and cant possibly pay attention. A bit like gyms will be doing in the new year…. ***** “The New Year New You” BS **** …they cant possibly pay attention to everyone as they try to get people lured in with their 12 month membership they hope people don’t use. Have a plan, have someone you trust set it for you and follow that….don’t get distracted by shiny object syndrome.


  1. He isn’t afraid of getting uncomfortable…simple…. he works hard and smart and repeats that with consistency. HARDLY EVER misses a training session unless he goes on holiday.



  1. He asks questions as if he is a beginner….. we were sitting there yesterday and he asked questions as if he is a beginner. Exactly what he does when he is doing his karate as well. That’s why he is so good at the basics in the nutrition, the training and the lifestyle and now he is helping get his brother started in his quest to better health.


So that’s it for this side of Christmas I have some cool emails lined up for you over Christmas, some quick home sessions you can do to get the metabolism fired up, some of my favourite nutribullet recipes that I have been trialling since I have had it, to help keep those colds away! Whilst everyone around me got it, Jo and I have stayed clear of that!



Have a great day tomorrow and I will be emailing you on Boxing day.




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