Jeremy Clarkson and One D would Hate This


So unless you have been living under a rock you will have had Jeremy Clarksons job status rammed down your neck by the BBC.

Apparently thats the most important thing in the world right now?!!


Anyway here is something I don’t want you to miss out on…..BUT……


If running in a straight line bores you, but the idea flipping tyres, dragging sleds and pushing objects around in the great outdoors with friends does…..then this could be for you!


Before you get too excited though….just read on and make sure this is for you.




So the deal is this……


  • No need to run around pounding pavements


  • The fact this training programme is tough, is why our Team Training Members keep coming back for more.


  • You haven’t got to wait for a holiday or friends birthday bash to start working on taking your fitness to the next level…..This programme covers that!


  • We will help you set a real goal, not one that involves you eating cabbage for a week and hoping that helps you feel awesome… a real challenge that you can achieve but takes you out of your comfort zone. That is where the magic happens.


It will help you improve and work in these areas:


  • Physical strength
  • Mental grit and determination
  • Camaraderie
  • Team challenges
  • Top class strength and conditioning coaching with a results proven track record of helping people achieve success.



It Is Not For People Who……


So here is the deal if you don’t like training with a group of people who love helping each other achieve challenges…this isn’t for you.


If you would rather sit in the gym on your phone between sets watching Jeremy Clarkson audition for one direction….. then this isn’t for you.


People this will appeal to will love the “team feel” in this special group.


How to get involved….. (use the links below to register an interest OR guarantee a place)


You just need to head to and enter your details.


The next programme that starts on APRIL 8th and runs for 9 weeks.


The sessions run on a Wednesday evening from 7:10pm to 8:10pm……


The venues are within 15 minutes of Launceston.


The Total cost is £90 for the 9 weeks.


We have 3 places left ….. We only take 16 on this programme.


If you know enough and you have made your mind up….. and just want in….then


GUARANTEE your place by using THIS paypal link and you are in.



To Your Success


Matt “Team Player” Luxton

p.s. Any questions please email asap to avoid missing out on a place.