Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Live Event


Ok so its with great pleasure that I can announce that my first live Jamie Oliver Food Revolution (JOFR) event.

Part of my role as an ambassador is to obviously help my community understand food and healthy habits, which I do a lot of anyway with my seminars.

This is the first of the JOFR events , there will be many more to come including “Family Fitness Camp and Kebob Demo” , “Beach Games and BBQ” , a “Gourmet Cuisine” night in May to celebrate Food Revolution Day and some work in local schools before that. BUSY TIMES

food revolution


“Live Fish Cooking Demo”


I went for a meal with Jo to celebrate our 9th year together (she deserves a medal or a Blue Peter badge) at The Harris Arms.

I had the most amazing meal, a fish dish with lemon mash and lots of veggies. Perfect! So I approached Andy and Rowena , the proprietors, to see if they could help me spread the word about fish.

We live an area that is home to some of the best fish you could wish for and as Andy quite rightly said, some people (myself included with some fish) avoid cooking fish as they feel nervous about getting it right.

So we welcome you to an informal demonstration and light meal at The Harris Arms.

Andy passed this message to me,


” Starters will be served first in the dining room – sweet potato and mushroom hash with a poached egg, from our chickens, on top.

I will then demonstrate how to griddle a piece of fish and if anyone wants to try their hand at cooking it themselves, they are most welcome!

The fish will be served with lemon, thyme and olive oil mash and green beans cooked in chilli and garlic.

Arrival time between 6.45 and 7pm on Tuesday 12th March

The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the kitchen for the demonstration at any one session is 8.

The total cost for the demonstration, meal and recipes to take away is Ł10 per person”


So all you need to do if you want to be part of this is call the Harris Arms to speak with either Andy or Rowena and they will take the booking. Once the 8 spaces are gone I am afraid we cannot take any more simply due to space.

Telephone: 01566 783 331 Email: whiteman@powernet.co.uk

The Harris Arms, Portgate.

Between Lifton and Lewdown on the old A30

Ok, so there you have it. If you would like to be part of this please take action today to avoid disappointment.

Have a great day,