Is It Enough That You Want To Be Healthy?

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Is wanting to be healthy enough ?

So I was talking recently about passion whilst travelling! Don’t worry I haven’t eloped with an elephant on the discovery!

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If you did ……

I was reading a book called ‘get so good they can’t ignore you’. In here the author talks about passion. They talk about how passion isn’t enough. At first I was intrigued as I love nothing more than genuine passion especially when it comes to helping others.

I am sure you are passionate about helping someone in your life to be the best they can too!

Without your health you won’t do this either. This reminds me of this quote:

” You cannot enrich the lives of others by becoming a poorer version of yourself.”

—//—–Deliberate Practice—–//—

Then came the notion of deliberate practice. This hits the nail on the head.  Imagine that you are really into staying healthy, getting fit and being ready for any challenge.  It’s not enough to feel that way is it! You have to act like it to. Well there lies the junction between passion and deliberate action.

Deliberate action describes what we do each day to move you forward in line with your passion.

It’s not dipping in and out of training or let’s just say that you are a dentist it’s not just treating patients it’s about learning, reading , attending seminars, watching DVDs , going to courses to make sure you improve.

The same goes for you and your health. When I ask you what’s really important to you , I would bet my dog ( worth more to me than my house) that your health would definitely be in the top 3 and if it isn’t number one, it should be because NOTHING else happens unless you are functioning.

——No you are not having my dog —–


So the message here was that it’s not simply enough to say that you care about your health and you like to feel fit. You have to take deliberate action each day to keep moving towards it.

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Matt ‘deliberately being me’ Luxton

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