I Make ZERO Apologies If You Are Reading This >>>

🙋 8 Week Fitness Challenge 🙋


Good morning,

Happy New Year!

So you may well be reading this and thinking, I am all sorted already Matt
because you are helping me….. thats cool BUT

​​​​​​​This may well be life changing for someone you know and even someone you care very much about…..

So I make NO APOLOGIES for sharing this with you!

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🙋 8 Week Fitness Challenge 🙋

Do you want help improving your health and fitness?

Great, we can help you!

If you have never worked with us before don’t worry, we have been helping people get started for over 10 years at Blast Fitness Camps.

If you are reading this and want a challenge and something to work towards with guidance, this is for you.

So what you can expect outside of the results….


✅ Increased Energy

✅ Increased Fitness levels and improved Health

✅ Improve Dietary habits

✅ Improve Mindset

Well, guess what?

We have an amazing offer that we’re offering for a LIMITED TIME only because it starts on Monday January 6th!

Here’s what to expect:

❤️ 3 x 40 minute group sessions at our Blast Fitness Camps in Launceston OR completely from home with our FOLLOW ALONG VIDEOS.

❤️ 2 x 20-30 Minute Sessions At Home A Week!

❤️ Weekly Accountability Check-ins with Your Coach!

❤️ Access to Our Nutritional Program!

❤️ Fitness Tests & Measurements To Track Your Progress

If you are serious please complete this application form>>>


If you want to share this with a friend who could do with help as well, then please feel free.

For just £197 you will help change your life and many others by being part of this!


Matt 🙂

These places will go fast and we start on January 6th so don’t hang about.