I Got Kicked Out But I Did Learn This……


I wasn’t my history teachers favourite pupil at secondary school,
in fact she asked that I didnt do History as a subject because, I
guess looking back on it, it would have affected her pass rate %!

But anyway I did manage to pick up a few things….

The irony is, the more I travel and learn about other cultures the
more regretful I am for perhaps shooting myself in the foot by
being a pain in the bum in class.

I guess a similar situation presents itself in my daily work as
well….. READ ON……

During the trench warfare in WW1, it was not-uncommon for soldiers
to take their rifles and literally shoot themselves in the foot.

The troops would claim that the shooting as accidental.

They were hoping to get sent to the hospital to be excused from

They did this to avoid the carnage that was waiting for them when
the order cam to go “over the top” and charge over no-man’s land
into the machine-gun fire of the enemy.

In the military, to deliberately inflicting injury upon yourself so
to avoid service is called malingering and in some armies it’s
punishable by death.





Here’s some ways you’re shooting yourself in the foot today thats
preventing your from achieving your goals – (you do have goals
right, if you need a kick in the right direction be sure to read
the p.s. at the bottom)

– Procrastinating
– Waisting time on facebook
– Sedating yourself with food
– Sedating yourself with booze
– with drugs (e.g. caffeine)
– with affairs
– Watching TV (its staggering the amount of people that watched
this whole eastenders saga…that is escapism if you ever saw it)
– browsing the internet without REASON.
– and so on….

Long and short of it is this……

When you shoot yourself in the foot we no longer have to face
truth, we no longer have to face the real fight of our lives, which
is the become who we are and to realise our what we can do and
bring to the people we love and share each day with.

Thats it for today, so no limping around pretending you have been
shot in the foot either!

Matt  🙂

p.s. I said that if you want help to kick start a NEW goal or one
that hasnt quite been finsihed off yet there are a couple of things
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are affecting all of the above.

In starting out with any goal its ESSENTIAL that you MEASURE.  You
cannot manage what you dont measure!

You must have the numbers down and then you can work backwards from
your target.


For example, Darren, who I am coaching at the minute is getting
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