How ‘the soft start’ will ensure you DOMINATE January

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

During a consultation last night for our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge starting January, I was chatting to the guys about it tends to be that most people do best over the festive period.

And that’s by doing something we call ‘the soft start’

See, most people around now, aren’t generally in a place to go 100% at their transformation goals (some people are of course – we work with them too by the way!)

But at the same time, most people DO want to start moving, being more active, eating a bit better, and gradually making some improvements ready to dominate things from January

This is why we offer this soft start approach for people through December.

The process looks like this:

Step 1 – you book in for a free consultation (Ladies- Gents- ) where we discuss your goals, where you’re at right now, and see if we’re a great fit

Step 2 – if we’re a great fit, we get you signed up, and initiate our onboarding systems

Step 3 – we have a more in depth chat about your ability level and any limitations, then coach you through some warm up protocols and exercises, and see where you’re at right now

Step 4 – now we get you to book in for some sessions through December (for free), so you can start getting used to the training, start making some improvements, and gradually build into things. We’ll even give you as much or as little help nutrition wise as you want at this point too

Step 5 – as soon as January hits, we kick things off properly with you, unleashing the full program with you, now you’re super prepared, ready and buzzing to CRUSH your goals for 2021!

So that’s ‘the soft start’ (maybe needs a better name?!)

Anyway, if getting broken in gently over the next 2 weeks before launching a full on assault on your goals appeals to you….

Get booked in for your free consult by using the following link(s);

Ladies- Gents- 

See you soon….


PS – at time of writing this, we’ve got 3 spots left