How My New Improved Fat Loss Formula Raised £720 for Charity

6 week wmc


So the Little Black Dress Season is firing on all cylinders.

Winding down for christmas…no no no! Thats not what life is about!

I wanted to help the people of Cornwall get into awesome shape into the christmas period!

To cut a medium sized story short, I spoke with Tina Bessell at Pirate FM and we made it happen!

Not without its initial teething problems but Tina’s desire to get this off the ground meant that it was not going to stall.

I must thank her for her determination on that front!

So what was involved, 28 days of efficient exercises, none more than 20 minutes per day. A nutritional plan based around clean, whole, natural foods and no calorie counting, point scoring or any other faddy methods. HERE is the programme they did.

The idea was to help those people who can’t get to my studio for personal training or my Blast Fitness Camps in North Cornwall.

This took away the need for childcare, travel arrangements, gym memberships and lots of equipment and space.

The support that each of the participants gave each other was fantastic. We had inch loss and weight loss galore!

Check out the videos below to see how these two participants got on when I caught up with them.

Phenomenal I think you will agree. Now this was just a couple of those who completed the programme.



Ok, so thats just a couple of examples of some of the people that have been involved in the programme.



I would like to say a massive thank you to all those at Pirate FM for getting behind this project and you can expect to see and hear more from me in my quest to ” Get Cornwall Healthy”.

You can find out more about this over at

Thank you for reading.


p.s. If you would like to get your hands on the exact same programme, you can, right over at and in 28 days you too can get the body you deserve.