He’s No Angel……….



I hope you are all well.

Just a quick one from me, slightly different but I was asked a couple of weeks ago by one of my longest standing clients and generally awesome person to work with to give an insight into the sort of things I am eating and doing in training in preparation for my big focus in June.

So I started to write it down. I think I should mention that I am not so interested in losing body fat I just want to have ridiculous levels of energy, I don’t mind if I am peeing energy frankly, improving levels of performance and ultimately I eat for health.

So here it is. Remember that this is geared towards my goal.


Feed 1- mushrooms, green pepper and broccoli with cayenne pepper and a turkey steak with split peas- all mashed up together.

Alkalising salts with water. ( I do this every morning so wont repeat again)

Snack- Rye bread with almond butter and a handful of mixed berries.

Feed 2- (post swim) banana omelette , 4 eggs  with  a decent amount of oats and cinnamon and melon.


Feed 3- sweet potato (baked) with chicken breast stuffed with goats cheese.

Snack- alpha lipoic acid, zinc and magnesium ( I take these every school night, religiously)




Feed 1- Stir fried vegetables with beetroot and salmon and as always when cooking coconut oil.

Snack- goji berries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (with curry spices to make them taste better)

Feed 2- quinoa quiche (no pastry obviously) – Jo makes this for me it has loads of red onion, coconut milk , egg, bacon

Snack-  red apple cut in half with almond butter on it! Obviously I ate both halves.

Feed 3- salmon with chickpeas (mash them up with garlic and curry powder) and then some cauliflower mash. (it’s a pretty garlicy affair…but its not date night so it doesn’t matter so much)

Snack- got hungry so I had some puffed brown rice with almond milk. I wouldn’t normally just eat carbs by themselves but it does help me sleep.

Wednesday– its run day…I tend to get out early.

Feed 1- so I have porridge oats with 2 eggs, cinnamon, blueberries ( 1.25 hours pre training)

Snack- melon, banana , greens and blueberry smoothie (no avocado though) not for 3 hours post training to help with recovery. I chuck in more blueberries.

Feed 2- Left over salmon from last night

Snack- almonds , cranberries, rice cakes and hummous.

Feed 3- slow cooked casserole (beef) we always have something slow cooked on a Wednesday. Its supposed to be for lunch on a Thursday but I normally do my best to make sure it gets nailed on a Wednesday





Feed 1- Yep left over beef casserole (there was some left) with broccoli and cauliflower. Thursdays I tend to try out new smoothie recipes if theres no left overs about.

Snack- walnuts

Feed 2- (post training) brown rice porridge  with blueberries (it comes out purple). I sprinkle in a little ground almond.

Snack- rice cakes with smoked salmon

Feed 3-  Out for valentines dinner…….there was a lot of food here, actually not that much, just quite a few courses. Its probably fair to say there were a few things in there that weren’t quite Hot to Trot compliant! I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation had I have been on a 28 day concentrated effort but I wasn’t so I was back on it the next morning.



Friday (no training)


Feed 1- I had a beetroot smoothie with greens and I also added milk thistle to my water

Snack- almonds with raw carrots and organic peanut butter.

Feed 2- baked sweet potato with cinnamon on it with 4 eggs scrambled and some watercress, rocket and something else green in there with balsamic vinegar.

Snack- goji berries and pistachios.

Feed 3- steak with courgette, tomato , spinach and butter nut squash



Saturday (long ride – 3hours)


Feed 1- up early for my favourite banana omelette with berries on top. Teaspoon of coconut oil.


Feed 2-  brown rice with green veggies and chicken breast

Snack- rice cakes with hummous and salmon with avacodo

Feed 3- dinner at mums – sweet potato and butternut squash soup. Chicken in a coconut sauce with brown rice and red cabbage. She knows me well.




Feed 1- Grapefruit smoothie


Feed 2- Roast beef – not allergic to these. This was at Jo’s mums. I ate white potatoes as this was post ride and I know I can eat them in


Feed 3- roast chicken (done in the slow cooker) with all the usual veggies except potatoes.

So there we have it…not 100% perfect, but I reckon if most people ate with these principles in place there would be less sickness and illness.

Ok, so my training. I DO NOT write my own programme. I am strong believer that you cannot generate enough free will to write programmes all day and then put the energy required into writing your own and carry it out. So my coach, sends me this over each Friday in preparation for the next week. I love it, I just turn up, with the food, lifestyle under control I just do as I am told, its brilliant! Massive weight off my shoulders!

Here is what I did last week!

training plan


Ok, folks thats it. As you can see I am just like you, I share the common why with you, it boils down to happiness!

Have a great week, do more of the things that make you happy.