>>>>>> Help a friend out – my abs giveaway this Christmas <<<<<<

 >>>>>>Help a friend out – my giveaway this christmas<<<<<<


You know that friend who says that they CAN’T…..

Always finds an excuse.

“life gets in the way”…..blah blah blah

Well here is an awesome way to flip it round if they moan at you

about this…

Ok, “Betty” instead of “ I can’t ” if it means something to you, how

about “How Can I…….”

How Can I… shift that body fat around my tummy…

Then just list the ways they can do positive things.

comments make time


>>>>>>>>>Help a friend out (2)<<<<<<<<<<

I don’t know if you know but I have put together a free download –

My Top 10 Abs Workouts.

Top 10 Abs Page, has been shared by 100 people on

Facebook then I will get it sent out

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All you need to do is share this page (https://mattluxton.leadpages.net/mattluxtontop10abs/)

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A post like this will work a treat (just copy and paste or edit as

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My coach/friend (however you know me) Matt Luxton is bringing his

Top 10 Ab Workout E-book.

You can grab it here for FREE if you are in the first 100 to get to the 

page below.


See in you in 2014 with your abs 


Til then I am going to be making some final tweaks and get it

looking good and make sure its ready to go asap.

My Best


p.s. https://mattluxton.leadpages.net/mattluxtontop10abs/ – is the

page to send your friends to on facebook to be in with a chance to

win a free copy of my 7 Day Detox Plan ( all ready for 2014)