Gordon Ramsey of Health and Fitness

“Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”

The dude cracks me up AND he’s not afraid to tell it how it is, something I think is VERY important,


For those of you that haven’t seen it before…


Basically Ramsey goes into failing restaurant businesses and puts them on the straight and narrow


He uses his expertise, knowledge, experience and skills to make them a success!


Now Gordon Ramsey is INCREDIBLE at what he does,


World renowned chef and business owner  …


Some of the ‘turn arounds’ they make on this show are crazy. ….


Kind of gets me to thinking… (yes, sometimes that does hurt a little)


These restaurant owners are not without enthusiasm and passion for what they do (most anyway)


They just lack the knowledge, belief and direction.


I talk to people very single day in the same situation with their body


They’ve tried A LOT of different ways to break their bad habits and get in shape


They WANT it,


BUT they too, just don’t have the right information,


They’ve lost the ‘belief’ that it will be possible ‘for them’


and they’ve never really had the accountability they need to really walk through the fire of change.


Here is the thing…


You can hire a Gordan Ramsey (body shaping) equivalent,


just like on the show,


you can call in the expert and fast track yourself to great success much like the ladies

( & Ben who lost 2 stone and 4 inches from his waist) on our latest transformation programme)


You can get somebody on board who:

  1. Has the knowledge to get you the results. Not just short term, but I mean life changing.
  2. Is passionate about doing it for you (gotta admire ole Ramseys passion)
  3. Has proven time and time again they can

Its totally up to you who you hire of course…..I just promise you results if you follow the plan I have put together

for those of you who perhaps aren’t able to work with us in person at the moment.


‘Infact I have a  ‘zero risk for you policy’


I guarantee our fat loss results with a money back guarantee….


After all you want to make sure you are going to get what you pay for right?

Thats how confident I am that if you do follow the simple guidelines you will succeed.


The Summer Body Kick Start – 28 Day Online Coaching programme starting very soon has already been taking applications since I announced it last night.


You just need to apply BELOW and I look forward to reading your application later …..




Matt ‘Ramsey’ Luxton


p.s. I am not sure if you saw the picture of this lady who recently had a baby…..check out the way she has lost that baby weight!


3 inches off the thighs as well!