From Heart Failure To Half Ironman – Inspirational Video

Wait for it….. an actual race day post in 2020….

The New Forest a beautiful place to race in normal circumstances but on Sunday we (I think I speak on behalf of all the other competitors) felt privileged to be out there doing what we love.

Today saw two of my clients complete their first competitive half ironman distance event and they exceeded their own expectations which was great to be there to see.

In a year where many have had events cancelled it would have been an easy option to not commit to getting better, but not these people. No winging or moaning…. just got on with the job!

The process of being as good as you can be means that isn’t an option, they have adapted and committed and that is why I have so much respect for them. 

Hugo and I have known each other since we played rugby with each other at university. When he asked me to coach him to change from semi professional rugby player to triathlete I was honoured. Hugo has a very inspiring story and he has actually agreed to do a little video with me tomorrow so stay tuned for that one. Very proud of you today mate, loved watching you cross that finish line with a huge grin. 

Mel…. supermum…. 3 children under 6 and still makes ZERO excuses about not having time to train…..

I often find myself thinking “how does she do it” but she just keeps getting better. If I could bottle up her attitude to life I would make a fortune!

Having not had access to any swimming pools until July 25th and no access to open water she has made the very most of her training and cruised around the swim in a very good time. 

When I saw her on the run surrounded by a few athlete’s I knew I could see she was going well.

That’s a great bench mark set for both Mel and Hugo…. can’t wait to witness their progress in the future.

Me….. had what felt a really good swim, out of the water in second and 4th off the bike after stopping to help the 2nd placed athlete fix his puncture.

I remember racing in New Zealand and Javier Gomez stopped when the guy in front of him had a mechanical so they could have a fair race and I didn’t want to just cycle on by and overtake in that way. It was actually really nice today as I saw on his social media he shared a post thanking me (not knowing who it was who helped him).

Then the best bit of the day…. the run…. felt great as I have been struggling with an injury for the last 49 weeks which has taken lots of time , treatment and rehab to get right and finally I could run pain free. I think I finished around 6th (lost a couple of places at least in transition as nature called).

Massive thanks to @Challenging Events for laying on the race and making every possible effort to keep it COVID safe.

To Sarah for being an awesome host… the pre race meal and social standards have been set higher again!

Launceston Cycles for getting my bike serviced and ready for the day.

Now take a look at this video catch up with Hugo, but only if you like an inspirational story and comeback.

****VIDEO**** >>

I hope you enjoy this….. grab a cup of something very healthy and allow yourself to be inspired.

Speak soon,


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