FA Fitness Club Access- The Future of Private Holistic Health & Fitness Coaching



FA Fitness Club Access- The Future of Private Holistic Health & Fitness Coaching


Something new is coming to FA-Fitness in the New Year, and as a valued reader of the blog we wanted to let you know the details first.


We are introducing Semi-Private Training to the FA-Fitness schedule, allowing more people to train, more often, whilst also benefitting from the attention to detail in program design usually only available in a one-to-one sessions.


Our thinking behind this is that we are aware of existing clients wanting extra sessions and we also have an invitation only system for new clients.  We wanted to help more people to get into great shape. A semi-private session will allow up to 3 people to train in the studio at the same time, under the supervision of one trainer, each performing a program specifically designed for them.

Semi-Private Training offers huge benefits to you, such as:


·      The same personalised training program and attention to detail as one to one sessions


·      A group camaraderie and accountability with your training partners, that can’t be found in one to one sessions


·      It enables you to have more sessions in the week, enabling you to achieve your goals faster.


·      It lowers the cost for you, as having multiple people training enables it to be offered at a lower rate.


As of the New Year we will be able to offer 4 time slots for Semi-private Training. These are strictly on a first come first serve basis, but are being offered to you (an existing FA Fitness Client) before being offered to our waiting list. The time slots currently available are.


Monday 4:30pm

Wednesday 12pm

Thursday 10:45am & 4pm


If you are thinking that another time slot may suit you and a friend or partner then please feel free to let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you.


Initially we will be offering memberships that are inclusive of nutritional guidance, lifestyle advice and  4 or 8 coaching sessions over a 4-week period. If you are interested in finding out more information on the structure of this membership then please do not hesitate to contact Matt or Mike to make sure you don’t miss out. It’s likely we will fill most of the slots before Christmas.


Have A Great Christmas,


Matt and Mike


Matt- info@fa-fitness.co.uk/ 07841136302

Mike- EMAIL/ 07835952258