Dates For Your Diary 2016

Ok, so you might be thinking of taking on a few challenges and having a “reason” to train outside of the obvious one that we all know as health.


There are many great un-announced benefits of staying fit which in my mind and experience of working with clients over the years.


  1. Community and camaraderie – for me this is huge. Whether it be joing friends for a training session, for an event or even a social which involves a costal walk or cycle along a designated route. Being physically fit so you can have great experiences with friends is what its all about J. For instance I am holding a Team fitness challenge for my current clients on Sunday 15th November, there will be friendships born here and there will be new friends made as we team up with a friend and fellow health and fitness coach from a neighbouring town.


  1. Being ready- As Will Smith says, “stay ready so you haven’t got to get ready”. Use the winter months to make sure you are ready for next year and any events you fancy doing. Like our client, Nic. The other day, she ran her first marathon, not a planned event…but one morning she woke up, got inspired by a challenge she heard about and went out and did it. Don’t get me wrong she runs twice a week and strength trains with us 3 x per week and has done for a good while…..but she is consistent and this allows her to make lifetime achievements when she wants on her terms. With this in mind around the 12th of December we will be hosting a Team Blast Mud Run, last year we had such a laugh doing this and it went down such a storm we will do it again. Again another benefit of getting and staying fit….you get to do cool stuff like this with nice people!


  1. Injury prevention- yes the better your mobility is the less likely will get injured. Spend all day sat down, and you will progressively lose mobility and strength. Falls prevention might seem like a term used for the elderly, but believe me, falling over in whatever instance can result in broken wrists, collar bones and could potentially be prevented by being stronger and more mobile. Better muscle quality and elasticity as a result of conditioning will help reduce the risk of strains and tears and time off doing the things you love.


So with those 3 in mind I have compiled a list of things you might be interested in for 2016 to help push you forwards in the winter months. By the way, the best way to commit is to SIGN UP, then get training and preparing.


First Chance 10K- (this sells out fast)


Rock Solid-


Plymouth Half Marathon-


Duathlon (just running and cycling) –


Triathlon (Sprint and olympic distance)-


Tough Mudder-



There are just a few to get your minds thinking. If you find any others please be sure to share them with me, so I can pass them on to others who may be interested.


Go for it, don’t let 2016 be a year where you promised yourself you would do XY or Z and don’t.


Book it, commit to it and go for it.


Matt 🙂



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