Christmas Gift Ideas – The Gift Of Health & Fitness For 2015


The Gift of Health & Fitness ! 

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Wow…21 days left until Christmas…. I have to be honest having spent the last 12 days in Namibia, I haven’t really got into the Christmas spirit…..but I will….I love it!


No doubt your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/BEST friend (they don’t know that yet but they will be if they get you this) is fretting over what to get you this year for Christmas?


(Or maybe you are stuck for what to give them?!!)


Don’t let this year’s present from your loved one end up being one that is rendered almost useless within one month of opening it.

You know when that aunty you rarely see or grandparents get you that voucher you never really wanted anyway…… I mean how many A4 pads, pens and pencils can one person want!


Take away the burden from them this year or the well-known excuse ‘ I couldn’t think of anything’!

I really hope they aren’t reading this!


Anyway, this year I thought I’d help your spouses/relatives out and save them time and effort, I came up with a really cool idea that’ll also ensure Santa brings you something that will benefit you greatly in the new year after all of those mince pies!


Now it may seem a little forward and maybe a little selfish but I’m pretty positive they’ll really appreciate the help and if it’s a bloke your with, it’ll save them from going out on Christmas Eve and buying you the same perfume they get you every year!


Or is it just me that does that?!

All you need to do is head to and send me a message with some details and then we can work out what is best for YOU or a person who you care about this Christmas. I have vouchers all designed and they can be sent you via email so that you can put it in their card this year.


Hopefully I will be seeing and speaking to you very soon.




PS- just to give you an idea of some vouchers that were purchased last year. We can also make a bespoke package based on your budget as well.

  • A weeks 1-1 intensive for a lady who lived a long way away but wanted to learn the way to stay healthy year round rather than
  • 3 month subscription to Blast Fitness Camps (made one of the gentleman who received it cry)
  • Ultra Sound Body Fat Scan & Detoxification consultation
  • Copies of all of my Cook Books and a year’s membership to my VIP members area.

Click HERE >>>>> and let’s work together to make this christmas potentially life changing.