Christmas Fat Burner (30 mins MAX)- A Little Gift For You

Good Morning,
I have just got back from a cracking session with our fitness campers in Launceston.
We mixed things up a little this morning. It is week four on our programme, which means things get a little spicy…but they are ready for it.
So here is a similar session (not exactly the same for obvious reasons….top secret what goes on inside this special group) for you to try.
A great fat burner this one…….

Clear the Deck 


Get a deck of cards, shuffle, then perform the number reps as the value of the card.

For instance, 8 of hearts would require you to do 8 jump squats.

As soon as you complete the reps, pick another card with no rest time.

You must perform whatever comes up regardless of whether you get the same exercise 5 or 6 times in a row!

How many cards can you get through in 30 minutes?

CAPITALS- easier option

Hearts = Jump Squat or SQUATS

Clubs = Pushpees (A burpee with a push up) or SQUAT THRUSTS

Diamonds = Pull Ups or HYPEREXTENSIONS

Spades = Press Up or KNEELING PRESS UPS

Jokers = 20 Kettlebell Swings or 50 HIGH KNEES ON THE SPOT


Jack, Queen, King = 10 reps Ace = 11 reps



So there you have it, see how far you can get. If you finish it record it all, record the time take and high five yourself in the face!

Have a good boxing day, I am off to play rugby and probably feel very sorry for myself tomorrow.


Matt 🙂

p.s. If you want to grab a place on our next Blast Fitness Camp you can do right HERE …oh and we will be running an online programme as well starting in January but it won’t be for everyone so just keep an eye out for that.

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