Child’s Play, C’beebies & My Fear Revealed

Good Afternoon,

I hope you are well.

I have just got back from the hygienist!

I thought they were meant to be nicer than the dentist!?

Last week I mentioned to you about a few ways that you can get the family involved in some fitness related activities. It can be hard cant it getting things in, especially when one or either parent is working all day. But try this at the weekend or before if you get chance.

oh actually you don’t need to have kids to do these….. they make for a bit of laugh with adults too. After all, we actually as adults seek “child like” activities to help break from the norm!


I actually did it this weekend with a few clients—–PICTURES to follow later this week 


Oh……my inspiration behind this…..I was out cycling, but Jo told me that she saw one family (2 adults 2 children) heading out of our estate for a run together on a saturday!

I initially thought that’s amazing…..(which it is) BUT I thought I wonder how we could make it a bit more fun!

Running, is quite boring, particularly if you are getting left behind or doing it over a long distance at the same pace with not much in between.

———How To Get The Family Involved——–

 1.    head to the nearest park or beach. Get child or adult number 1 to stand in the middle of his or her jumpers and move side to side between them. Now adult/child one tries to mirror them. Work for about 30s then change over. Tell the child they are in charge and can do anything they want whilst going side to side, including getting down on the floor, getting back up, star jumps, stick their tongue out, you name it let them do it. Then swap over

 2.    If there are 4 of you. Play “Trio Dodge” – we actually used to use this in a rugby team that I played for. Get 3 people to link hands making a “circle” then instruct the one remaining person to try and touch one of the people in the circle on the back. The rest of the circle have to try and spin around to prevent their team mate from getting touched on the back. Change over once the person has been caught.

3.    Buggy runs- so this one is cool if you have a child who is in the buggy/pram and have a dog?

Throw the stick for the dog.  Adult or child 2 runs to where the stick lands and back. The dog will probably bring it back to the buggy. The swap over so the other person throws it and runs back. Try to beat the dog back.

Or if its anything like my dog at the moment try and convince it to come back!

There you have it 3  ”a bit more fun” ways to get the family out and about and doing something productive.

See how out of breath you get on number 2 

—————— Addressing Fears—————–

Last time I mentioned the fear of change. If you missed the article , head HERE later. But basically I mentioned that change can be very scary. Particularly when you add “fitness” and a change of “diet” (HATE that word).

I have actually sat down this lunch time and popped together a piece  I think is HUGELY IMPACTING for everybody who has ever thought of, actually done it or is thinking of a change in lifestyle habits.

———–I will pop it over tomorrow for you——–

Back to fears, I told you about mine….. Back in June last year I decided that I would be doing the Ironman 70.3.

To be honest, I wasn’t scared until………….I realised that my body shape was going to have to change. Previously having played rugby , done weights training and strength and conditioning I have enjoyed being lean and strong for my size

Hmmmmmm……I took this photo about 4 weeks into my training where I was still able to do some strength work once per week at the same time. This was in between Christmas and New Year.

Recently though the triathlon specific training and volume has reached another level.

Made a lot easier by the fact I have someone telling me what to do , my coach Andy, who actually competed at the Ironman World Championships in October 2012. The guy is a triathlon machine.

But I have lost nearly 9Lbs (great I hear you say)….no I was happy with that extra muscle. I measured my fat at the studio the other day and I am almost exactly the same as I was 70 days ago!

I actually can’t wait to get back to my strength training when I have finished my triathlon training.

I don’t like being skinny, no one does, we all want to have “tone” , “curves”, what ever , however you want to describe it.

I will get the same shorts and get Liam to take a photo of me next week to see how much I have changed.

I will pop over a video soon of Gareth and Rob who have been combining strength training in my Blast Strength Academy with the Blast Fitness Camps.

—————— C’beebies and Tea—————–

I promised I would share with you this story

Here is the video. This is what happened when this lady “changed”.

She was a bit sacred too……

listen carefully ……… the struggle this lady faced are far too common….this is the fault of the “conveyor belt like” system of gyms that we have.

————– check tomorrow’s blog partly inspired by this—————

Ok, right I am just going to shoot off, got a bit of last minute work to do on my 21 Day Rapid Transformation Programme before we kick off on Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Matt ” embracing change ” Luxton

p.s If I can help you with anything please email me