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Good Morning , Good Morning

I hope you are well.

You know that email I sent yesterday about the wrong time, “I can’t do this anymore” and the one that I wrote previously about not striving for perfection because its unobtainable

Now I am all for trying to be the best you can, but perfection is a state that no one knows, not even Usain Bolt.

If only I had seen this picture before now I would have saved a lot of time. This sums it up when it comes to being happy with how you look.



But hey I love writing and I like sharing it with you.

——-What to do once weight loss is not your concern——-

If you are not happy yet…..keep going , stick with the cleanest principles, just like the ones laid out in phase 1 of the Hot To Trot Nutritional Plan.
———(I am soon going to be releasing Hot to Trot 4.0 off the back of a lot of study and trials which worked a treat! More on that another time)———–
These I assure you are the easiest, principle based strategies that put your HEALTH FIRST.
Then once you get past that initial stage you will know exactly what to do as you will pass into phase 2. Its really simple and we don’t start eating skips and just eating cabbage….the PRINCIPLES stay the same you just start to encorporate “earned meals”.
I mentioned yesterday about people who consistently do most things right look great for that reason. That’s where they are at, you have to earn the right to go there, else things can go a bit sour!
So you have got your nutrition under control……
I had a very cool meeting and guided tour of an organic farm recently, I was genuinely blown away by how professional and humane this farm was. They also offered me something pretty cool for you as one of my readers. I will keep you posted on that.


Yep, challenges. We face them every day.

Some seek them, some avoid them. Deep down we have all probably avoided a challenging situation at some point, I know I have.

One that springs to mind is a 36 Ft bridge jump in Slovenia when Jo and I were on holiday.

Jo did it but I didn’t! What a wimp ey!!

I just couldn’t do it…..I say Jo is mental! She lives with me and Dealer right!?!



Once you have gone past that stage of fat loss being your major drive , if in deed it was in the first place, because hopefully your health was your primary concern deep down.
You and I need a challenge!
I am not saying it has to be a marathon, half ironman, Everest climb.
Just something that EXCITES YOU!
Pushes you OUT of your COMFORT ZONE and into your UNCOMFORT ZONE.
This weekend is a perfect example of this in action.
Gareth one of my clients, he started last January (2012) and since then has has lost 3 stone, gained huge amounts of confidence, started my BLAST STRENGTH ACADEMY and now attacked this at the weekend.

—HERE is a video of Gareth talking about his Blast Strength Academy work, the next one starts on April 11th


This time last year, he wasn’t ready for this but because of his consistent actions over the last 14 ½ months, he was excellent at the weekend.
I was proud of him and all of my clients who did it with me.
Their courage and determination was brilliant!

——How to find YOUR challenge——–

Firstly you must QUALIFY what it is you want to do.
– How important is this goal to you?
– What will it mean to you?
– How are you going to feel?
– How will this change things for you?
Then you must UNDERSTAND everything that is required and the metaphorical price you will pay.
Then you should EDUCATE yourself about it and how you can get the most from it.
Then you should STIMULATE-
– Can you imagine…
– What will you feel like?
– What will that mean to you?
Lastly you should TEST this to see if you are still excited. If not then the goal and the CHALLENGE is NOT for you.


——— Let me know if you need help with this——

Life is about creating your path, its easy to conform and be the person everyone around you thinks you should be…NUTS to that you get one crack at this.
Have a great day,
Matt “non conforming” Luxton ☺
p.s If you want to start with a step by step guide to getting in great shape so you too can be taking on life with vigour and energy, just like Gareth and co. at the weekend.
My offer to you is this:

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