Blast Mansformation Programme

Week 1

Welcome guys,


Breathe! This is the most military like  email you will get from me, but do me a favour….give yourself a chance of success by taking the time to read, prepare and get questions to me on anything you aren’t sure about.


Here we go!


So rather than overload you with more words. I am going to attach the documents you need for next week, so that you can start training and your nutrition as soon as you can.


If you have questions please feel free to email me, I normally have solutions to most of the problems guys have.



There won’t be so many attachments each week, but take your time to make sure you are happy with all of these.


Please take some pictures in shorts, from the front, back and side angle so that we can compare and chart your progress visually.


Get the photos etc over to me asap. I look forward to receiving your email.






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Week 2


Good morning all,

I hope you are going well.


Please see attached the copies of what we are doing next week.


Finalised 7 Day Detox Plan (more recipes to try)
I have also included the copy of the fitness testing protocol for you to use NEXT Sunday.


All the information you need for the live sessions are below ….



When you get a moment, I have included a little video that I made a while back on HALT, take a look, I think you will find it useful.



Speak soon and again any questions please let me know.


Any questions please fire them over,


Matt 🙂

Week 3

Hi guys,
Hope we are good!
As promised here is the info for week 3. I have also included a complimentary copy of my Hot to Trot Cookbook which has 123 pages of great recipes for you to play with if you need even more variety.
Remember its 3 live sessions per week with us and 2 home sessions at the weekend or all the home sessions as prescribed in the documents below.


Any questions please let me know.
Matt 🙂

 Week 4 & 5

Good afternoon guys,

I have attached your documents for the next two weeks to this post.
So that is nutritional guidance for week 4 and 5.
You will also find the training guidance for week 4 and 5 as well.
If you have any questions please be sure to ask.
Matt 🙂
p.s. Could you keep a food and drink diary for me at the stage for a week starting Monday. Ideally just take pics of food and drinks and send one email to at the end of each day.


Morning guys,
How are we doing?
Ok, so please see week 6’s plan attached. By tomorrow I would like to have had a chat about measurements, results and a plan moving forwards.
I have a couple of options for you should you wish to continue your journey with me. This video shows you all of these.
Join Leading Health and Fitness Coach, Matt Luxton from as he describes what you can do once the first 6 weeks is complete.…
You will see the week 6 exercise and nutrition documents attached.
As always, if you have any questions please let me know.
My Best

Matt 🙂

MattOwner of Functionally Aware Fitness Personal Training 

Voted The UK’s Most Innovative Fitness Entrepreneur 2012

International Best Selling Author of The Fad Free Fitness Formula

Author of The Hot to Trot Cook Book and The Equestrian Athlete Plan

Email: / Phone: 07841 136302