Blast At Home Fitness – The C-Word Solution



I hope you’re all well!


I’m sure everyone is well aware, as there is no escaping the impact of the on going pandemic….


I hope all of you and your families stay safe!


As a result we have seen many gyms closing and may leave those of you who perhaps aren’t already being looked after by us with no option for training.


Just in case you aren’t being looked after already by us I wanted to let you know about a programme we have been running for 2.5 years now.


Our C- word Solution If You Aren’t Already Being Looked After By Us 


Our Blast At Home Fitness Camp has been providing a solution to those people who have been unable to join us for face to face coaching.


Our members mostly join us because they have been constricted to their home, child care issues, timing with work and/or geographical location means they cant train with us at our locations.


So if you would like to join the details are below….













✅ 5x Sessions a week

✅ Training in the comfort of your own home with follow along videos in a private facebook group

✅ Mixture of minimal / no equipment

✅Core workouts

✅Cardio workouts

✅ 30 minutes – Warm up / Workout’s / Cool down


This programme has been running for several years now with positive feedback!


Feel free to jump on board by using the link below. The investment is only £40 per month (£2 per session)….. It is insane but we love helloing people!



Once you have done that be sure to add me as a friend on Facebook (if we arent already)


Stay safe everyone,




p.s. We do also offer a bespoke 1  to  1 online coaching service should you wish to discuss that please feel free to email me on


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