“Are We Therrrrre Yet?”



On a mission today….. couldn’t wait to get this one out to you!


I think you will enjoy this one…don’t forget to read to the bottom as there
is something that will change lives.

Enough of that, and back to the ‘Are we there yet?’ title.


If you’re not going forwards you’re going backwards right?


True in most cases……


When you’re on a mission to get something, anything in life, it’s
super important to make sure you know when you want it by.
When you know your dates, you can kind of plan your assault on it.


Russell, one of my first clients actually told me this when we
working together to help him lose nearly 3 stone…you wouldn’t get
on a plane without knowing where you wanted to end up.


It’s like what we do in the studio with ‘periodisation’. It’s the
geeky word for the way proper programs are designed…different to
random sessions and “beastings” you see some people bragging about!


Basically, someone says ‘Matt, I want to get X result ready for my
holiday in 12 weeks time’.


In fact we have most recently been helping Carrie transform her
energy and strength to make her family journey to South Africa a
much more pleasurable experience. She also lost over a stone in 5 weeks
and 4 inches off the hips to date.




I just had a text from her…..She flies out tomorrow……she’s packing
clothes tonight, she couldn’t have packed 5 weeks ago!


I stuck my neck on the line and told her if we didn’t get the
result I would give her double her investment back.


This wasn’t arrogant…..its just that I KNEW if she did what I asked
her she would SUCCEED!


So what we do, is work backwards from the ‘due date’ and plan out
each phase of their training, so we know we’ll get them there bang
on time, or even sooner.


Knowing that date will also help you keep accountable too.


I mean, anyone can say ‘I’m gonna lose a stone and fit into that
pair of jeans’.


But without putting a date on it, that ‘goal’ could well be
infinite and arduous!


One thing I like to do when I or one of my clients is working
toward their ‘big goal’, is have a series of mini events to
have planned on the way. I love doing this as it creates a journey, which if
you read my article from a week or so ago, you will know that I am
big on!


It makes life fun, our journeys fun and our days purposeful!


For example, for a client wanting to lose say 12% body fat in a 12
week period, we’ll know that they need to lose on average 1% per
week. So when we re-test at the end of week 4 we know we want to
have nuked around 4% already.


We do this very accurately with our
ultrasound body scanner, so there’s no guess work , or hoping we
haven’t lost the muscle we dearly need to keep our metabolic rate


Means that we can tell if we’re on track, or if they need a kick up
the bum, or if we need to adapt their nutrition/training at all.


And guess what often our journeys won’t be exactly straightforward!
Some of the most “successful” people I have worked with rarely find
it plain sailing!



BUT if you know what you want…..you can get there!


So, if you have a target, such as a shape you want to be, a dress
you want to wear, or a race you want to race, make sure you got the
date sorted.


Otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll never get there.


Hopefully that’s of some use to you.


Chat soon,




PS – I will be in touch soon with details of a transformation
programme I am running for 5 local ladies, who have never worked
with us before, who want to lose AT LEAST a dress size by May 31st
and if they don’t they will get double their money back. That’s how
confident I am ☺.