Add Resistance If You Want Results (Video)

 I got inspired to shoot after a meeting I had yesterday.


At lunch time yesterday, I met a chap who is getting married in August this year.


He told me that his fiancé is trying to get in the best shape she can!


Worryingly our conversation tuck a bit of a turn……..


“she won’t do squats because she is worried that she will bulk up”


We both agreed that this is far from the truth and ladies who squat have great legs.


So…… this video is here to help you.


Whether it helps YOU or a friend make better choices from here on I don’t mind so long as you share the information with at least just one person.




Cool, because quite frankly if you have chosen a programme that doesn’t use resistance training, that programme is sub optimal…..and who would deliberately do that?!



We need to change peoples perceptions on what is socially acceptable and what is reality.


Thats why I wrote the book The Fad Free Fitness Formula, thats why I host seminars to help people find a better way and thats why we run Transformation Programmes (like the one we have starting on Tuesday), to help people kick start “a better way”.
Take a look at the video and then if you have any questions feel free to email me


Speak soon


Matt “use resistance to look great” Luxton


p.s. On our next Transformation Programme (17th February) we are kicking it off with Pancakes!


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