7 Mistakes Of The Party Dieters I Met…..

7 Mistakes Of The Party Dieters I Met…..

Ok so just a quick note to give you a few hints on how to avoid making the mistakes that lead to belly fat storage.

A little while ago, I offered a few people the chance to let me look over their nutrition, I actually met these 3 people at a BBQ party in September! Yep….just after the children went back to school when the weather gets nice …..

Yep, they were telling me that they really wanted to do something about it!

So I said look, I can spend all night telling you about the best ways to do……

….this for your gut health
….how it will improve sleep…..
….how it will help you feel less sleepy in the mid afternoon
…..where you are slipping up majorly in your first feed of the day

So just send me over your meal plans and I will let you know how to improve.

Without showing you their exact diaries, here are a summary of the main problems I could see.

  1. They drank far too many calories……coffee with milk and sugar …both of which are highly acidic. Worse though, one lady was drinking 3-4 glasses of orange juice a day….the fructose in this alone would have sent her liver spiralling. Unlike glucose, the liver does not handle fructose and will store it as fat.

2. Too much white in there (bread, pasta, potatoes)……… you see 3 of these people did resistance training as well, so they could have limited the damage here by eating the white foods within the 30 minutes of finishing training. But instead they were eating white bread at lunch time. One thing to remember here as well is that chlorine dioxide is frequently used to bleach flour. This actually forms a substance known as alloxan, which use to induce diabetes in rats (I know its rats)……but

3. A lack of protein…………. It’s so simple as well. They could have eaten 2-3 eggs, had a protein shake or even had some turkey, organic bacon, chicken, wild salmon. The biggest problem that these people had as a rule is that they didn’t eat this at BREAKFAST. I actually saw evidence that they were one lady was trying to deliberately reduce her intake (total) but had no protein and high sugar. Yep 50g of an unnamed cereal and a glass of orange

4. A severe lack of water………. The liver relies on this for fat loss. One of the problems with people like the ones above is that when they are high carb /low fat / low protein their body is already in turmoil. Its acidic, inflammed and the hormones are like a child running around trying to get back his favourite toy! So too much carbohydrate means a lot of water storage in the gut and in the muscle stores. No wonder they cant concentrate at work and get headaches. Without getting too scientific, the fat burning equation requires water. If you lack water you cant burn fat….simple!

5. I have mentioned them before…….. I call them ”Snowball” foods. Yep the ones that I crave just like the guy next to me after training or if I go too long between meals. These are the ones that you cant just have a handful of if the whole packet is there. I saw this on the diaries too. My weakness here are almonds, I justify it because I know they contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant and helps with cell regrowth and repair.

6. Agave nectar and other low calorie options……one gentleman obviously thought right, I will substitute sugar in my tea ( a diuretic by the way) with a sugar substitute. I am about to run a programme specifically aimed at reducing fructose and targeting belly fat which will cover this one, but these sweeteners tend to actually contain 90% fructose. These cause huge spikes in insulin, which blunts testosterone and increases fat storage….which leads me to the final point.

7. Yep….not diet related BUT……2 of the people told me they went to the gym 10-12 hours per week…now I don’t know what they did there, but frankly It doesn’t matter….that’s too much. All they needed to do was 3-5 x 40-60 minute resistance sessions and some sprints and they would be lean as you like!

So there we go I hope that helps you to identify where you may be going adrift when you attack the fat around the mid rift! (poet alert)………

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