6 Week Challenge Starts November 4th >> Last Chance To Do This in 2019


Happy Friday:-)

So first up – you DON’T need to read this if:

1- you’re already on a challenge or you have completed a challenge with us

2- you’re no longer interested at all (you can also unsubscribe below)

HOWEVER if you’re still keen on getting in shape and for whatever reason when you applied previously – it wasn’t right for you,

EVEN IF you came down for a consultation with me and you couldn’t commit at that time (we don’t hold grudge)

Over the next few weeks we are taking on people for the last 6 week challenges we are running for 2019!

I know how scary that sounds but with 10 weeks left until the big C (we’ll just call it that for now) this really has to be the one of the last ones we run before the end of the year!

If you’ve got an event coming in 6- 9 weeks time, party season an all that!

You need a ‘get me in shape very fast’ plan

This is that plan and We are taking on a handful of men and women over the next couple of weeks.

This is the MOST successful program we have ever run – EVER!

We literally have so many transformations we can’t put them all in 1 place!

Don’t just take my word for it – go take a look for yourself at our Success stories, with real men and women from the North Cornwall and West Devon area that have transformed their body…. infant further a field that in some cases due to our online version of this programme….

You can book your place by using THIS LINK >>>


I would love to have you on board

Speak soon


PS these transformations are insane go check them out for motivation if anything –  Success stories