6 Questions & The 6WTP Video

Yesterday I was speaking with a client after a session and she has

had an incredible journey so far with us, since joining in October 2014,
she and her husband have  embarked on a life changing experience.

Losing over 70 inches between them.

In Julie’s words, “there’s far more room in the bed

Now, she has kindly agreed to do a quick video interview next week
to share with you the changes she has made that she feels have made
the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE to her and her husbands health, energy
levels and ultimately lifestyle.


Watch out for that soon….it will be worth a watch 🙂

But I wanted to share these with you first……

I asked a few people for their questions on health and fitness over
the last few weeks.

These weren’t difficult to answer and I kept them short for you.

Here they are:

One had 40 hits in an hour which was cool.

Q1: Why Do I Have Love Handles

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-LeJV_aJ4o&list=UUdVxsBFFfqqMaSXfKdYVRcw

Q2: Please can you help me understand the benefits of coconut oil,
some people say that its good and others contradict.


Q3: How Much Per Week Exercise Do I Need To Do To Get Fit and


Q4: I Keep Getting Sugar Cravings, How Can I Stop These?


Q5: How Can I Get Rid Of The Fat Below The Bra Strap?


Q6: What Are The Best Things To Eat After Training

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=got4FTzJAUg&feature=c4-overview&list=UUdVxsBFFfqqMaSXfKdYVRcw

———–  ONE LAST ONE —————

Lot’s and lots of questions about this since I announced we were
starting this one on Tuesday.

If you need a kick up the rear with your health and fitness goals
in 2015—>

It contains information on a 6 week transformation programme we
have starting on Tuesday 17th February.


Ok thats it for today,

Tomorrow I will be in touch with the pancake recipes for Tuesday.

Take Care,

Matt 🙂

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