50 + inches In 8 Weeks & How They Are Doing It



So today my friends I want to tell you about a success story from our members….in fact they are a couple.

Julie & Stephen  🙂


“Week 7 and another 3.75 inches gone making a grand total of 26.75. Steve lost 2 inches, grand total 24.50”


I spoke with them this morning and Steve has lost 29Lbs and Julie is up to 28 inches lost in 8 weeks.


Yep as you can see above from a message I saw Julie post up on social media ….things are going well.


The best part is… they is STILL losing… and STILL heading towards their goals..


How did they do this you maybe asking… here goes…


  1. They made a commitment to themselves to lose weight the healthy and correct way. They had it in their mind that in a years time they will be in great health and by Christmas they would have lost a good amount of weight. Stephen has lost 2 stone already.


  1. They accepted that in order to lose it and keep it off forever they were going to have to develop healthier habits and make them a permanent part of their lifestyle. It is not just about the exercise, or just about the nutrition, it is both. They would be the first to admit that it isn’t comfortable to start with.


  1. They joined our programme – to keep them accountable so they can’t give in to any excuses. One of the reasons they, like many others, at a “gym” fail, is that they don’t get shown how to do things properly, or how to tweak things to get better results.


  1. They used our philosophy of “the minimum and simplest effective dose”, so they could still have time for socialising and having fun with friends.


  1. It involved training 3 x per week at our group training sessions, which made sure they challenged themselves at every workout, stays motivated with the support of the coaches, other members and knowing that they are exercising correctly.


  1. They both made some very basic changes to their eating, such as making meals from scratch, using whole foods, eating starchy carbohydrates at the right time. I haven’t asked them to try and be “perfect” ….that rarely works for people and we have been getting great results with this philosophy recently. I will put some pics at the bottom of this from 2 of our OTHER members for you to see.


  1. They know that they have the safety net of an expert on hand if they need help, have questions or need a new suggestion to keep them progressing towards their goals.


simple as that,


The solution to your body ALWAYS relies on a lifestyle change.


After all whats the point in ‘ exercising & dieting’ if your going to someday stop… everything you lost is going to go back isnt it?


When you change your lifestyle you need to make the changes as easy and managebale as possible.


  1. hate training and feel like you can’t push yourself? join a programme that keeps you challenging yourself


  1. hate dieting? seek out an expert that can show how to make healthy nutrition something you can enjoy and look forward to cooking lovely healthy meals


  1. never stick to anything? join a programme full of other people in the same situation as you, so you feel OBLIGED to change with them


  1. just straight up don’t know what to do? hire a coach with a proven track record of results.


Does this sound like a solution that would work for you?




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Make it easy and keep it simple 🙂


Matt Luxton


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