5 Places For Our Fitness Transformation Programme For Beginners

Epic opportunity for 5 men and women just starting out on their transformation journey, or who are nervous about starting!



Hey hope you’ve had a tremendous week so far….



Not going to bore you by talking about the weather, the news, and certainly not Liverpool winning the league – urgh.








– You’re someone who’s nervous about starting your fitness/transformation journey


– You’ve got a long term goal of wiping out anything ‪from 1-6 stone


– You’re ready, willing and able to commit to working out 3-4 times a week


– You’re ready, willing and able to make some simple, sensible, sustainable nutrition changes


– You’re someone who needs/wants motivating, coaching and guiding through their transformation…



Then we’ve got you covered



Because this JULY we’ve got 5 spots opened up for ‘BEGINNERS’ on our 6 week transformation challenge



Over the years we’ve learned many things (as you’d hope lol)



One thing is that literally EVERYONE who starts (or even comes for a consult) is nervous.



Varying levels of nerves, from a few flutters, to full on crying in the car for 20 mins before the consult, being too nervous to even turn up at all 🙁



BUT without taking the first step in the right direction, you can’t move forwards. Only backwards. Which if you’re anything like most of the people we work with…there’s been too much backward movement (or at very best staying still) over the years before they take step 1 and start making progress



That first step right now?



If you ‘tick the boxes’ above, then click below to book a FREE consultation, where we’ll speak with you about you, your goals, the body transformation process, and exactly what you need to do to get immense results.



Then IF you like what you hear (no pressure too by the way) – we can look at getting you started on the right foot this July (flexible start dates available as a heads up!) with 6 weeks of coaching you through EVERYTHING you need to do to get incredible results, regardless of your starting point







Speak soon….