4 Reasons Most People Fail In January

4 Reasons People Fail In Week One of January —->>>>


Please don’t do this!


I thought this picture summed up my thoughts on New Year New You nicely!




What I have done is sat down and mapped out some challenges I want to tackle between now and August. I actually like to leave a few months spare because I love a bit of spontaneity as well.

You see I think the big mistakes people make with setting goals and particularly fitness goals around this time stem from 4 key problems.


  1. It is more like a TO DO list for the first week in January. E.g. clear out cupboards and cook homemade meals. A good thing to do in the first week, and a good process goal (one that facilitates the bigger picture)….but that’s not exciting enough. Even someone as boring and “health freaky” as me doesn’t get excited by that! So never mind the list of process goals…..set your self a bloody big challenge and then work back from there.


So to give you an example….I want to start building a “gym” before the end of September 2015. So I haven’t actually finished getting all the small buts together yet, but I will have soon and after January 8th I should know more.


So for you…… go BIG this year…..and watch yourself get pulled along with the excitement you create.


  1. Fitness is very vain….now having a body that you are happy with and allows you to do all the things YOU want is BRILLIANT! However, this time of year, it seems cool for some reason to buy a years membership to a building that you don’t really know what you are doing in there!


I like to use this saying about this……”people buy things they don’t even need to impress people they don’t even like.”


So once you have decided what it is YOU want then find someone who can help you do that!


Exactly what I am doing now…building contractors, interior designers etc!


  1. The next thing really is about clarity….alot of people say they want “Abs” or say they want to lose weigth…..but WHY…….what is that really gets you down about being over fat…is it not fitting in the clothes…….or what is it that annoys you most about not having as much muscle as you really want?


To really get clear on this firstly you need to reflect…..what do I truly want this year…..what do I need to do to change the position I am in and here is the key if you don’t know…..for god sake ask a question to someone who knows how……..


This is something you and I need to do to avoid overwhelm!


But keep asking why until you get to the point where you cannot go any further. Why is that important to you, why do you want to look like that, why do you think being a size 12 will make you feel that way, why do you need more energy…..


Normally in this body fat case we move away from a place of pain towards somewhere that we feel a whole lot better about ourselves.


Why do I want to create this “gym” ….simply because I love watching people develop and I like creating happiness through health and fitness. Nothing Martin Luther King…….but it makes me smile when I see people make more of themselves!



  1. Not Having A Plan…….. It would be like taking your whole family and their friends on holiday and not knowing how you will get to the airport!

It starts with the most basic step. Its not rocket science but the amount of times people haven’t taken measurements before starting a “fat loss” goal is incredible.


You CANNOT manage what you don’t MEASURE.


AND once you have got to this stage you have already established just how IMPORTANT this is to YOU.


It makes no sense to skip this stage.





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That’s it from me for now ….. no list building in week one of January please….set goals that excite you and then follow processes that move you closer 🙂


Enjoy New Years Eve ‘Eve’


Matt 🙂


p.s. The next taster week won’t be until February and to be honest I am running another transformation programme so the likelihood is that the taster week will be full by mid January…..so hop on it!