3 Ways to Get RESULTS, Where Most Go Wrong, My Fear

3 Ways to Get RESULTS,  Where Most Go Wrong, My Fear

 How to get results…

This is something you want.

Even if you don’t think about it consciously every day.

Whether it be for you, your children , your family, your friends or even your favourite team or sports person.

Surrounding yourself with people who want similar will breed success.

I am not talking about the happy clapping , hoo rays who think the sun shines on them every day, I am talking about people who just want to enjoy life!

Fortunately I am part of a masterminding group that focuses on this.

We actually met in Ireland last week , where I spoke about this very topic.

What I like about this group of people is their burning desire to get results, create happiness and have fun along the way. 

……………….   Where Most People Go Wrong…………………………

Many people believe that getting great results is all about knowledge.

I don’t agree.

I think that getting great results, as we have seen as recently as last week infact, is not so much about knowing everything, its about getting a grasp of a few key principles.

Being an effective coach, I have realised is not neccesarily reliant upon my knowledge of the acid alkaline balance, the corrective exercise routines, the progressive nature of interval training protocol, optimal recovery techniques, supportive nutrition, nutrient timing, creating the winning mindset and peeling the onion .

 I will let you know why peeling onions is important next time.

You see these are all MASSIVELY Important, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the best part of 10 years studying them with some of the worlds leading experts, but more important than that.

Its about how you put them into a system that works for the user.

Its no good having the best training programme, the best nutritional plan, the best website or the best trainer, if the method of delivery creates a disconnect.

I have realised that in order to get the best results possible creating :

accountability, support and a fun environment have been crucial!

Everybody who trains with me or my coaches can expect two things!


(I actually have a very cool video about this which I will share at the end, it actually brought a tear to my eye the first time I watched it).

I guarantee that you wont find a better system in our area.

That’s not me being big headed!

I believe in what we deliver.

I say it as well, because heaven forbid someone did, you can be damn sure I will be finding out how we can improve! 😉 

See how I slipped in some accountability for myself there.

So when on the hunt to get Results, make yourself accountable to others, find people who will support you and find or create a fun environment to do it in!

———————–Fear Of Change————————————–

For many people change is scary.

I deal with this every day, and at the moment I am dealing with it personally.

I will come to that next time………..

But I find that this fear in our society is immense.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone is a HUGE fear!

I take my hat off to the people who I work with, who have the balls to ring me or email me and ask for help!

You are winners!

Now I am not going to try and pretend that I was ever scared of exercise because I would be lying, sure I have been in exercise related situations where I have been well out of my comfort zone. One I can remember was playing against the Exeter Chiefs in the Championship in front of over 5000 people in the year before they got promoted! That was well out of my comfort zone and deep into my un-comfort zone!

Now, I haven’t been overweight or “unfit” (as some people label themselves) but I have helped hundreds who have been and got them in the best shape they have ever been in!

Some people actually fear what they will look like when they lose weight or they fear what they will feel like when they are fit.

All I can put it down to is almost entering the unknown.

Fear is a brake on your success, and there’s more to it than just taking some “ MAN UP PILLS”. I hear that used jokingly a lot, but deep down its actually not that helpful to the person who is scared, disillusioned or been ill informed in the past.

I think this is why for most people they slip into the procrastination cycle.

Next Monday, Next Month syndrome! You know the one I mean!

I actually don’t know if there is ever a perfect time to start?!

It’s now or ………….

There will always be things in our way , barriers that will try to hinder our successes, people who doubt us, people who tell you and I that we are crazy getting up at 6am 3 x per week to train!

Especially then if you couple this with the fact that you have a job, you or your partner owns a business, your children are still at school, or not even there yet!

————Talking of which next time I will pop over some neat strategies for getting fitness into the family——

I was inspired by something I heard that happened on my estate this weekend, which Jo saw but I didn’t!

For now hear are a couple of videos that I want to share with you.

This one is about RESULTS and EXPERIENCE


This one concerns results from something I tried out in February (I promised I would send  it last time)



Have a good week, spend time doing something that makes you happy.

If it makes someone else happy at the same time…..that would be even better.

My Best

Matt “Results” Luxton

p.s. I will be in touch soon with the fear I am overcoming at the moment as I try to achieve, like you.