3 Ways To Get Ready For Any Challenge YOU WANT

3 Ways To Get Ready For Any Challenge YOU WANT

Hey Team
I hope you are well.
What did you think of the Mad Jo article last time round? That picture makes me winse everytime I see it. I will tell you what happened just before Jo hit the water another time……….it wasn’t pretty!
I mentioned challenges last time out……
What does challenge mean?
Well, the definition of challenge (in this context) actually means “a call to engage in a contest, fight, or competition”
Pretty intense the last two, do you agree?
Although I actually like them all, because when the goal comes from within they are so powerful.
Thats where the magic lies, it is ALL ABOUT where this challenge comes from.
—-How Do You Start To Get Excited?—-
I like to think of it as the “WHY”……..
This takes us nicely to something known as “peeling the onion”.
I use a similar concept with my personal training clients in the early stages of their coaching.
We keep asking “why”?
In short it boils down to them becoming very clear about what it is they want.


I mentioned last time about quantifying and qualifying exactly what you want.
Being aware of , or understanding what is necessary to achieve this. You may not even know, you may know a little.
This is the job of the coach to then empower you, not hold your hand, but facilitate your path by helping you become very clear about what is required to reach your goal.
Then education is what makes a goal or aspiration exciting.
The deeper your understanding and appreciation of what is necessary will determine how successful you are.
Not necessarily scientific knowledge, but just you being aware of the metaphorical prices you will pay to get there.
You should then once you have done this stimulate and test your “said” goal and see if you are still excited, because if you are not!

I will tell you soon what I am aiming for in my business goals and why it excites me everyday! I might even pop in a picture




So 3 Things You Should Do Now To Find A Challenge….
Start with this task.
Write down 50 things that would make you smile.
Done it?
Great ….Now
Write down a “bucket list” of things you would like to do before you die?
Choose one of them and start to use the above mentioned and pick it apart. Keep asking your self this.
Why, why , why
(You might be surprised that the “challenge” you take up wont be exactly one of the above. For example……say your goal was to do the 3 Peaks Challenge because you love mountains, walking, team work and the outdoors. Now you are 2 stone overweight, you have high blood pressure and you get back pain when you walk for any time over 40 minutes…..)
There is no way that you are going to start (take your first action) by taking yourself off to Snowdon for a weekends walking.
You will be ruined.
You may however, address the areas mentioned.
Its all about reducing stress before you add more…..This is the topic I actually wrote about in my Amazon best selling book The Fad Free Fitness Formula.
————I will give you a bit more on stress reduction next time because it is crucial for how you look, feel and perform——-
Ultimately if you will be happy then you can get started by taking the smallest of steps….
Oh and yes that leads me to this….
There’ s one more thing you need to do.
Write down what your first action will be?


Hey, did you notice how I haven’t used the words “goal setting”?…that’s because it doesn’t work most of the time…..I will tell you why next time
As you can probably guess this is an area that I am HUGELY PASSIONATE about. In fact my next seminar might be on this topic……How To Choose and Complete Your Challenge’s & Feel AWESOME.
Would you be interested in attending? (let me know if you are, I will be doing it at my studio so limited to 25 spaces…had 60+ attendants at my last one )



If you need any help with anything, except gardening, because I am not a fan of that then let me know