#3 – 30 Transformations in 30 Days

#3 – 30 Transformations in 30 Days


Claire….. this lady epitomises what we are all about at Blast Fitness Camps. She comes to training, gets the work done, brings a smile and supports the others in the group. One of those people you just really enjoy spending time with 🙂

When Claire joined us at Blast in Launceston, she had had her first child and wanted to get back in shape, I remember having a conversation with her about what she had tried to do and how this approach may yield better results….but I think she was sceptical and then BLOWN AWAY by her own results.

Losing 16 inches and 1 stone and in her first programme with us….but more than that, she went on to have another child and kept in the same shape after her second child.

Claire is a great example of how doing the simple things consistently can make a MASSIVE LONG TERM difference and an inspiration to mums looking to get back in shape.


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If you want to do the same course as Claire and dare I say it we have improved it since then, just pop me a message as we have a Blast camp starting in Launceston on Monday.

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