25lbs, 7.2 inches lost from waist and resting heart rate down by 10%

Good Afternoon,

I hope all is well.

I just wanted to share this really great conversation I had with Jude.

Jude started with me 7 weeks ago…. she made a decision to get started….

The RESULTS…. well they speak for themselves.


This is how Jude got started 7 weeks ago…..

🤜 This is how Jude lost 25lbs


👍 18cm (7.2 inches) from her waist


💪 Reduced her resting heart rate by over 10%.


Watch this and if you fancy some of that….. you can as we have a free 7 day trial starting on Monday 22nd June.
Head to this facebook group and we will give you all the information on the inside.



That is it for today…..


I hope you are staying safe and well…..


Not long now until we hope to open our facilities again.


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