SwashBuckler Half Ironman Distance Triathlon…..A Beautiful Setting for a Tough Weekend


Cracking weekend at The Swashbuckler Half Ironman distance triathlon with Jo and friends in the New Forest….what a beautiful place!

Swim…..I forgot to take into account the current which made a good portion of the swim like swimming on a treadmill….. I actually felt really strong in the water, so was a little surprised with my time of 32 mins, but it looks like most people were slower than they expected…..

Anyway…that just made me a little more determined to make that time up on the bike. I had allowed for a 2 hour 45 min bike, as I thought it was going to be harder than it was……the roads were in great condition and dry, the wind had died down and there was next to no traffic on the route….benefit of getting out early on a Sunday!

Bits of the course were tough and other parts just a pleasure, not colliding with donkeys was again a theme….I started the week in Santorini avoiding them and thenj again today, had to dodge a few trying to cross the road in front of me.

So yep, finished the bike in 2 hours 30 mins (av speed around 22.3mph), so pretty happy with that. I did take the last 15 mins nice and steady and reduced my watts by about 20 so I felt good going into the run..

The run used to be one of my favourite bits, then I began to get frustrated with it, wasn’t really improving, until this year it seems. Since working with Del on my technique and becoming efficient at the pace I am aiming for things are going the right way. The run was tougher, more hills than I expected…..but managed to cruise through the first 7 miles feeling fresh! Then at mile 11…..it did get tough for a couple of miles…..stopped at the aid stations to refuel and then pressed on to finish the run with an average pace of 7 mins 12 secs per mile over the 14 miles. That is one of the best runs I have had in a half ironman distance tri…..chuffed with that.

At mile 11 I did wonder why I put myself through this……but finishing around 28th overall with a superstrong field I was happy with that!

Big shout out to Jason Jeffery aswell….he nailed his first half ironman event, so chuffed for him…..having lost 5 stone in the 2016 and taken up the sport in the last year or so he is flying…..good on you mate.

Well done to James as well….did beat me though, which hasn’t gone unnoticed mate….and to Dan, who didn’t have his best day, but he will no doubt be ready for when he competes for GB in his age group champs in Denmark in 20 days!

As always thanks to Jo for her support along with Jenni and Yazmin….great company and thanks for getting up at stupid o’clock to support….really appreciated x

Now for roast at mums…..man I need some veg after the amount of sugar consumed during that race!