15 Ways To Get The Attraction Effect


I hope you are well today…….

3 Things In This :

1. Seminar- details of how to claim one of 20 spaces available on July 2nd.

2. 15 Ways To Make The Most Of ‘Me Time’ You Have Promised Yourself

3. Video clip of some serious talent.


Have you or your family been watching Britain’s Got Talent?

I didn’t catch the live show, but I saw an amazing video clip of Attraction. A seriously talented performance group. Not just another dance group either. The whole thing is a silouette.

The show they did, which was one of their first featured the British Army, a battlefield, the Tower of London , and a scene with a stretcher, it got me feeling quite patriotic and a little emotional actually.

I was thinking about how clear their message was, how precise and accurate they portrayed exactly what they wanted.

This was completely absorbing and demanded full attention.

Refreshing, because there is so much BS and distraction out there at the moment.

When it comes to health and fitness it’s the same believe me. I actually get approached most weeks by stupid supplement companies asking me if I want to be a rep for their product…NO NO NO because its full of shit!!!
I wouldn’t give it to my mum, my dog and I certainly do not want to be associated with that!

I wont mention names but if you want to know if you taking the right supplements just pop me a private email (info@fa-fitness.co.uk).

——————– THEY KEPT IT SIMPLE—————–

People trying to re-invent the friggin wheel, with this pill, that ab crunch machine and the next stupid turn up when you feel like it ‘beasting’ class.

The next shiny object syndrome is rife in our society!

One of the reasons we called the book I co-authored which became an Amazon Best Seller , The Fad Free Fitness Formula….is because we were fed up with all the RUBBISH………. It is NO BS!!!!!

Gets me fired up as you can probably tell.




You see people, like you want to do the most effective, efficient and get the biggest bang for your buck with the time you have.
Seeing as you have actually set a side some “you time” ….you want to maximise it, and be ready for whatever challenge, life event or even the daily tasks you have to do on behalf of others.


Once someone said to me , “Matt, you are quite black and white when it comes to your views on nutrition aren’t you”.

When they first said it, I was a bit worried that I had offended them, and that they were having a pop at me.

But, on reflection , this is EXACTLY what I am aiming for.

I want to be very clear about where I stand, what my philosophy is and what gets the best results and creates happiness. Of course all the time, the health is my PRIMARY concern whilst all this is happening.

Sure I am learning everyday. I actually have a book with me all the time, if a client is late, I will read a bit more.

A wise man once told me that “success lies on the top shelf”….well maybe not in every shop

Here are 15 Things you can do to get the ” Attraction” effect into your life.

1. Remember when deciding that you want to be better that it’s a way of life not a destination that you are chasing.
2. Do it for yourself and in the mean time do not expect to enrich the lives of others if you “abuse” and become a poorer version of yourself.

3. Nutrition is king! Did it swim, grow, fly or run? If not best to leave it alone where absolutely possible.

4. Drink water first thing when you get of bed. You haven’t drunk for 7-8 hours.

5. Commit to training properly 3-4 times per week. When done properly it doesn’t have to be longer than 40 minutes.

6. Carry a small water bottle with you all day. Never let it get empty without refilling it.

7. Eat your fruit near training. Ideally within 3 hours.

8. Once you go outside of 3 hours of training eat predominantly fats and proteins

9. Berries are an excellent source of antioxidants and are the exception to number 4. Combine these with almonds, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.

10. Eat 3-5 different cruciferous vegetables each day. If you or your family struggle check these out. You know where I stand with the crap that’s out there. This is the real deal.

11. Avoid sappers. Yep , stay away from people who are negative. I am actually allergic to them.

12. Stop eating cereal.

13. Move more often. Get up from your desk at least once every half hour and walk and squeeze your glutes and tuck your pelvis underneath you. This will help decrease compression on the sacrum and reduce tension in the lumbar erectors.

14. Give yourself some “ me time”.

15. Do the above.

Ok, that’s it……well nearly

I am going to be holding a private seminar at my studio on Tuesday July 2nd at 7pm.

It will be on a first come first served basis and I will be covering some great content that I have learnt and been using with my clients here at the studio.

Please email me with subject line “SEMINAR “ to reserve your spot.

My Best,

Matt ☺


p.s that video clip incase you haven’t seen it……  right HERE.