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You May Think I am Crazy…. I Have Opened One Of These >>> You May Like It Too

By on August 12, 2019

​​​​​​​   Now you may have or you may not have seen that we have opened a “gym”……   I know shock horror……   BUT hang on before you think I have gone crazy!   ​​​​​​​This is not one of those gyms with loads of mirrors and rows of  boring gym equipment!   In fact, just last week […]

Fancy Having Your Own Pool To Swim In? You Can Now >>>

By on August 9, 2019

EVER FELT FRUSTRATED BY PUBLIC POOLS? USE OUR ELITE ENDLESS POOL FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE NOW!   During your own personal swim session you can have exclusive use of our Elite Endless Pool in the state of the art swimming facility.   Whilst public swimming pools are fantastic, there are times when you will be […]

Do You Suffer From Cramps? Do You Want To Improve Your Performance?

By on August 7, 2019

  Do you ever suffer from cramps?   Do you think that your hydration strategy is poor? Or are you interested in learning how much sodium you are losing in your sweat?   Tamar Performance Centre is now an official sweat testing centre!   No blood test. No need to bust a gut on a treadmill. No need […]

Food Intolerance Testing >>> Know More About What Your Body Needs

By on August 5, 2019

  Do you ever feel bloated, lethargic or unwell when eating certain foods but can’t quite work out what it is?   Here at the Tamar Performance Centre we offer Food intolerance testing.   Why might this affect you?   There is now a wealth of published research papers showing removal of IgG reactive foods […]

Your Very Own Swim Analysis Session

By on August 1, 2019

  Want to understand what’s really holding you back in the water and how to move through the water that much better and faster?   You can’t beat an Individual Stroke Correction Clinic or if you prefer, bring a friend and share your time for a 2:1 Stroke Correction Clinic. ​ Each of the Clinics […]

Would You Like Help Moving Better? Our best kept secret….

By on July 28, 2019

Hey, I hope you are well. I have shot a little video for you below on the link…..     This programme is one of our best kept secrets…. 30 DAY MOBILITY AND MOVEMENT KICKSTART PROGRAMME ** Starting Monday 29th July ** ✅ Do you struggle to perform and work consistently day in day out? ✅ Are […]

My 10 hours 1 minute & 17 seconds of “fun”

By on July 11, 2019

  Wow what a race that is….. Challenge Roth is a: 🏊‍♂️ 2.4 mile swim followed by 🚴🏽‍♂️112 mile bike followed by 🏃‍♂️26.2 mile run With ✅ 5500 athletes taking part ✅ 250,000 + spectators ✅ 84 different nations represented ✅ 7500 volunteers ✅ coverage across 168 TV stations Sorry for the delayed communications post race….. I went pretty hard and […]

8 Week Men’s Strength & Conditioning Programme Starts Tuesday 7th May

By on May 2, 2019

    Starting on Tuesday 7thMay we have a MULTI SPORT Strength & Conditioning Programme for MEN starting.   In this blog article I am going to give you a little insight into how the programme will be structured. If you want to join us just email me ( and I will let you know how to […]

Blast V.I.P. Trial Week

By on April 30, 2019

  I have 3 V.I.P passes left for those people who want to make a difference to their health and fitness starting Monday 6th May. If you want to join our Blast Fitness Camps programme but would like to trial it first here is your chance and they don’t come around that often as we […]

🏆World Record Broken!!🏆

By on April 28, 2019

🏆World Record Broken!!🏆   It’s not every day that you wake up and chat with one of your clients who has broken a world record over in Australia!   🐑The 8 hour Merino record stood at 466 and NOW stands at 497!🐑     Well done Lou Brown, very very proud of your effort mate! […]

💪The next Junior Strength Academy (JSA) is coming soon…..💪 (May 9th)

By on April 26, 2019

💪The next Junior Strength Academy (JSA) is coming soon…..💪     Planning started last week with Harry here at the studio putting in place our next programme….   A great story here in that Harry was actually part of this group 6 years ago when it started and now he will be coaching it…..   […]

#3 – 30 Transformations in 30 Days

By on April 3, 2019

#3 – 30 Transformations in 30 Days   Claire….. this lady epitomises what we are all about at Blast Fitness Camps. She comes to training, gets the work done, brings a smile and supports the others in the group. One of those people you just really enjoy spending time with 🙂 When Claire joined us […]